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Report: Earthbound Sequel Mother 3 to Finally Get North American Release


Fans of the Mother series (Earthbound in the U.S.) have been not-so-patiently waiting for an official English translation of Mother 3 for almost a decade. If new reports are to be believed, that wait is almost over.

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Kick Monster Butt in CHILL: 3rd Edition, the Perfect RPG for Halloween

CHILL is a classic tabletop role-playing game (TRPG) about horrific happenings, meddling with monsters, and a secret organization on the brink of collapse. Originally published in 1984 by Pacesetter Ltd, the game was fun, but some critics were unimpressed given they thought the game didn’t really push the envelope of the genre.

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Envoy Role Play & Story Gateway: Grand Opening

Getting together roleplaying games can be deceptively difficult. It involves coordinating so many moving parts: people, places, times, and games. Not to mention getting a ‘game master’ to run the game.

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The Munchkin Card Game Is Getting An Ongoing Comic From BOOM!

Go into a comic shop, open a page.

I think BOOM! just leveled up.

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What’s in a Name? The Wizard/Sorcerer Split In Dungeons & Dragons

Is the sorcerer an endangered species?

The latest playtest for the upcoming fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, known as D&D Next, made a minor but significant change to the Wizard class: its name. It's now the Mage. Aside from the fact that it's gender-neutral and not alphabetically last, what does this say about the future of the D&D wizard and its marginalized sibling, the sorcerer?

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The Latest Marvel Tabletop RPG’s Officially Dead

When it comes to tabletop role-playing games, licensing another property or setting -- think Firefly -- can either be a giant burden or a huge boon. It's all a matter of whether the cost outweighs the benefit, which shouldn't really surprise anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of economics. With that in mind, if you were really looking forward to more of the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying tabletop RPG from Margaret Weis Productions, I've got some bad news for you.

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Happy International TableTop Day! Here’s a Bunch of Games You Should Play

Today, March 30th, is International TableTop Day! Hooray! You should really be playing some kind of game involving a tabletop, but we'll let it slide if you haven't started yet. There's still time. In case you can't get a group together to play, though, you can always watch us play Star Trek: Catan. We recorded a game from earlier this week for exactly this purpose. We also have a whole mess of suggestions for you, if you are going to play something, after the jump.

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7 Role-Playing Games You Should Play on International TableTop Day

Even non-gamers have typically played at least one card or board game at some point in their life, but not everyone's necessarily tried a role-playing game. And if you haven't played any RPGs, well, why the heck not? International TableTop Day, which is tomorrow, is a good opportunity to get started. Go pick up an RPG sourcebook at your local game store or just download a PDF online. There's tons of free RPGs out there. But here are 7 role-playing games you should really consider.

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