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Happy International TableTop Day! Here’s a Bunch of Games You Should Play

Today, March 30th, is International TableTop Day! Hooray! You should really be playing some kind of game involving a tabletop, but we’ll let it slide if you haven’t started yet. There’s still time. In case you can’t get a group together to play, though, you can always watch us play Star Trek: Catan. We recorded a game from earlier this week for exactly this purpose. We also have a whole mess of suggestions for you, if you are going to play something

It’s not like we have a video budget or anything, so this is pretty much just myself, Jeff, and Glen bantering while playing the game. If you really feel the need to watch all 99 minutes of this, I apologize in advance:

Here’s a bunch of games you could play instead, if playing a game is more your style:

Either way, have a lovely weekend, and here’s hoping gaming takes up at least a small section of it.

(image via Mayfair Games)

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