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Rachel Maddow Offers Much-Needed Context to Our National “Worst Case Scenario”

"On this of all days," Maddow explains, "Here's why we have covered this story so intensely,  since it first became clear that there was something wrong and illicit and unexplained about the relationship between this particular foreign adversary and the unlikely rise of this unlikely politician who shocked everyone by winning the last US presidential election."

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Female Journalists Sign Letter in Support of Tom Brokaw Amidst Allegations of Misconduct

In the wake of sexual harassment allegations, women like Rachel Maddow are stepping forward to defend Brokaw...but at what cost?

Et tu, Rachel? Once again, influential women are lining up to fall on their swords in defense of powerful men. This week, the Washington Post published a profile on NBC News in the wake of the #MeToo movement allegations, which led to former Today Show host Matt Lauer's firing in November.

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When Shopping Around Fake News, This Is Why You Don’t Come After Rachel Maddow

Someone is shopping around forged documents purporting to have intel on the Trump-Russia affair. They probably should have left Rachel Maddow alone.

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Did You Feel Let Down By Rachel Maddow’s Reveal of Trump’s Taxes? Well, Quit It

That one's on you.

Rachel Maddow and investigative journalist David Cay Johnston revealed part of Trump's tax return and in turn, the internet reminded us why we can't have nice things.

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Salem, Oregon and Rachel Maddow Unite Against Local Hat-Stealing Crime Owl

Put a bird on it in jail.

Local papers are calling the bird "Owlcapone." I'm done here.

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Emma Watson, Laverne Cox, & More Top This List Of 2014’s “Top” Celebrity Feminists

A tiny reordering is maybe in order

There is hardly a system set up wherein a list of top celebrity feminists in any given year could be definitive. That's truer than ever in 2014.

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Arizona Schools Are Literally Ripping Pages on Contraception out of Biology Books

Well this is as stupid as [REDACTED].

The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board in Arizona became displeased with a section in a high school biology book that described how an abortion-inducing drug works after complaints from a Christian law organization called Freedom, so they advised school officials to redact it with extreme prejudice. I can't wait until someone goes full-on Fahrenheit 451 on them.

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Oh, Cool: The National Review Posted a Cover Story About Fake Geeks

Set phasers to "fuck you."

Normally we don't pay much attention to the National Review here at The Mary Sue—after all, you don't often see them reporting on the same kinds of stories that we tend to cover in the pop culture and science sphere. But, as it turns out, one columnist who writes for them has very specific opinions about those topics, in an article entitled... "Smarter Than Thou: Neil deGrasse Tyson and America's Nerd Problem." Hoo boy. I have a bad feeling about this.

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Geekolinks: 6/20

An Invitation: Go Forth and Geek up Time’s ‘Most Influential People of 2010’ Poll

When someone puts a general poll on the internet, we get Lara Croft Way and Computer Engineer Barbie; in other words, wonderful things happen. In this spirit, we'd like to give you some links to the more than 2 dozen geeky and geek beloved people on this year's list of 200 vying for a spot in an issue of Time through open internet poll. If it's going to be mostly unscientific anyway, let's tilt it in our favor!

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