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Things We Saw Today: Radiohead Recorded a Theme Song for Spectre

Bond fans may not have been entirely contented with the original theme song for Spectre--Sam Smith's "Writing's On The Wall"--but this version of a potential theme by Radiohead (entitled "Spectre") definitely shares some tonal similarities. Someone needs to lay this track over the opening credits so we can vote decisively.

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Oh God, Hide Your Fics: Tumblr Introduces New “Fandometrics” Website To Chart Pop Culture

And yet, the "reblog post as link" still hasn't been fixed yet.

In its exhaustive quest to prove to kids on the Internet that they're totally hip and cool and their new parent company Yahoo is not running them into the ground, Tumblr has created a website which "compiles the top pop culture conversations within the Tumblr community." Basically, it's like Tumblarity but for fandoms. Hey, guys, remember Tumblarity? Gosh, I've been on the Internet for a while.

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Does Pop Culture Even Have to Be Made Up of Stuff That’s Popular?

9/10 B movies don't think so.

Pop culture—or parts of it, anyway—is kind of what we do here at The Mary Sue (and for that we need you, as this video points out), so take a few minutes to watch PBS Idea Channel expertly deconstruct just what makes up pop culture and what role each of us plays in it. As we nerds and geeks know all too well, pop culture isn't always made up of things that are strictly numerically popular.

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How Many Of These LEGO-Ified Movie Characters Can You Identify?

Hip to be square.

With their Movie Quiz series, Stunlock Studios' Rickard Stensby and Helen Stensby of SuckMyBrick invite everyone who might have a little time to kill while they're toiling away at their boring office job to put their years sitting in front of screens to use by identifying some LEGOized movie characters. Most are pretty easy, but I was stumped by a few. How many did you get?

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“Icon” Art Show Illustrates the Essence of Pop Culture Classics Jurassic Park, Big, and More

It Belongs in a Museum!

Starting at Los Angeles' Gallery 1988 West this Saturday, June 14th, "Icons" showcases the work of Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman, collectively known as DKNG. The technical talk is that "icon" refers to the object in a show or movie that distills its essence—like the DeLorean in Back to the Future, or the barge for Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The non-technical talk is that this series of art is really damn pretty, and more people need to do Beavis & Butt-head illustrations.

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Experts Discuss The Psychology of Cult TV Shows

Consider the Following

Saturday at WonderCon 2014, a group of psychologists, and one psychologist-in-training, held a panel to discuss why cult TV shows really speak to us geeks. The panel included licensed therapist Josué Cardona (, psychology professor Dr. Travis Langley (Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight), clinical psychologist and scientist Dr. Janina Scarlet (The Superhero Manual), and Elizabeth Ann ( The panel had a packed room, with nearly two dozen con-goers occupying standing room in the back due to the lack of seats.

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For Every Good Guy, There’s A Bad Guy: Arch Nemeses Of Pop-Culture

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

If you live near Los Angeles, California you may want to make a trip to the Hero Complex Gallery. On display in their new "Arch Nemesis" show are images from various artists depicting great rivalries from pop-culture. Take a look at heroes, villains, and some individuals with more murky motivations from Star Wars, comics, Arrested Development, and more!

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Fully Embrace Pop Culture With These Sweet Map Art Prints

If you tell your parents or significant other that you "finally cleared out all the quests in the Gap of Rohan in the Rise of Isengard expansion" in The Lord of the Rings Online or that you "achieved 100% map completion on Tyria" in Guild Wars 2, chances are, they're not going to appreciate your hard-won endeavor. But what if the places you explored and conquered in those digital realms were matted and framed on your wall in the real world, rendered as maps of fine art? That's what City Prints does. If it's framed on a wall, it's legit, right?

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Fernando Degrossi Mashes Up Pop Culture and Pop Art

eye candy

It's Wednesday. Lets all relax with some pop culture mashups from Fernando Degrossi, who draws from modern and classic film, music, iconic propaganda and art. A later slide is possibly NSFW due to some sideboob, but on a related note, if Princess Leia wound up at the Bates Motel, I feel like Psycho would have been a lot different. And would have involved a lot more blaster fire.

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Bottleneck Gallery Shows Us Pop-Culture’s Gizmos & Gadgets

It Goes Ding When There's Stuff

The Bottleneck Gallery presents its first show of 2013, Gizmos & Gadgets. "We are constantly reminded by popular culture that in a time of great need, there is nothing better to have at your side than something conjured up by man," they write. "Bottleneck’s newest show focuses on the material items made popular by your favorite movies, television shows and books." The show opens this Friday, January 18, in Brooklyn, NY but you can purchase the items that haven't sold out starting noon the following day online. A portion of the proceeds earned from sales, as well as a few ebay auctions, will go to benefit the Humane Society.

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Silhouettes Of Pop-Culture Duos Stare Each Other Down

eye candy

Artist Isabel Talsma has a way with silhouettes but something special happens when two figures from a particular story are squared against each other. Some are enemies, some friends, while some love each other a great deal. See who else she's paired up. (via Isabel Talsma on Etsy)

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New Art Show Highlights Both Factual and Fictional Women

Today in Boobs

The Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, Minnesota is currently holding a gallery show titled "Girls: Fact & Fiction." It features art depicting women from some of our favorite fiction as well as those we adore from real life. Over 100 artists are involved and we couldn't resist giving you a sampling here. You'll probably want to buy one or two or ten. (via Dance With Zombies)

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Bitter Pop-Culture Enemies Are Joined Together As Adorable Heart Monsters

Submitted For Your Approval

Illustrator/designer Dan Matutina started his Versus/Hearts project about two years ago. He writes, "Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other." Check out his pairings from comics, animation, and movies!

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Nerdy Ceramics For Everyday Living

Elsewhere on the internet

Etsy user LennyMud has an interesting profile. "Lenny is the name of my studio cat. I make the pots and Lenny breaks them: this way I never run out of shelf space. Lenny is not for sale. Probably not. I know my shop name makes me sound like a 50 year old man who smokes cigars, but I am a female who is sometimes told that she looks ten years younger than her real age. (My husband says the nicest things in the dark. When he's drunk.) I am the mother to two adorable children that I like to call The Spawn." If that's not enough to get you to purchase her wares, I don't know what is. Take a look at her ceramics from Star Wars, pop-culture, and beyond!

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15 Gorgeous Images From Crazy 4 Cult: New York

Fans Do Cool Things

Crazy 4 Cult: New York, a gallery show featuring over 200 artists and their classic cult movie inspired artwork, opens on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at a Gallery 1988 pop-up store in New York at 64 Gansevoort St. in the Meat Packing District. It runs until Saturday September 1, 2012. The show has attracted thousands of visitors since its inception in 2006, and has been the subject of an international coffee book. This will be the show's first time outside of California, so make sure to show it some love, fellow New Yorkers! Hit the jump for more really amazing pieces, and see if you can spot your favorite cult film!

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Stanley Chow Shows Off The Face(s) Of Pop-Culture

eye candy

Illustrator Stanley Chow does some incredible work but it's his depiction of the varied faces of pop-culture that really got my attention. Hit the jump for some striking images of Ripley, Hellboy, Obi-Wan, and more! 

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Who In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? CEO, Intellectual, & America’s Most Positive Latina Role Model


“We want to motivate them to learn about the world,” game show host Greg Lee once told the Associated Press, sometime in the past century (1992) Lee had just taken the helm at a children’s education show entitled Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, whose plot demanded the children observe the command of their boss at Interpol, The Chief (Lynne Thigpen), to capture the elusive monument thief. The premise of the show, based on a video game, at once was to maintain the audience of older children as they graduated from Sesame Street and morning shows meant for younger folk. No one in my generation doubts that it did just that. But what the creators of the Carmen Sandiego video game and program franchise could have never anticipated was the cultural impact Sandiego had on one particular demographic following the canon— Latin American girls.

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10 Easily Recognizable Pop-Culture Vehicles

eye candy

Some vehicles are just as, if not more, famous than the actors who starred in their films, television shows or video games. And perhaps, like the one above, you can figure out where they're from just by looking at an outline. Hit the jump to check out some minimalist posters that depict classic pop-culture cars with a few added visual cues to help you figure it out. 

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Shared Pain Makes Pop Culture Strangers Become Buddies


Do you remember our post of pop culture enemies hugging it out? Well, this is sorta like that but a step further. Artist Chris Gerringer created an adorable series giving us his own spin on the meme "I Know That Feel, Bro." These duos aren't necessarily enemies, just characters who share a common bond with someone outside their universe. Example #1, Wolverine and Stitch are both genetic experiments. Read on for eight more delightfully rendered illustrations.

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The Odd, Punny Pop Culture Art of Gallery1988

Gallery1988, a pop culture-centric art gallery, doesn't display any old paintings of Christina Aguilera or Pippa Middleton, but displays some pretty fun -- and sometimes unsettling -- mashups of pop culture icons. Most of the pieces are still, or were once for sale, which means if you monitor the Gallery1988 page, you might be able to get your very own recreation of the Funisher or MC Hammerhead. Check out some more wacky art after the break.

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