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Things We Saw Today: Radiohead Recorded a Theme Song for Spectre

Bond fans may not have been entirely contented with the original theme song for Spectre–Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall”–but this version of a potential theme by Radiohead (entitled “Spectre”) definitely shares some tonal similarities. Someone needs to lay this track over the opening credits so we can vote decisively. (via The Daily Dot)

  • The best video game dogs of 2015 list is here! (Featuring Dogmeat from Fallout 4, of COURSE.) (via Kotaku)
  • This list breaks down some of the most egregious lies pop culture tells women–one, of course, being the fact that somehow people tend to look pretty good during post-apocalyptic or dystopian futures. (via The Daily Dot)


A Star Wars fan spent a year building a 7,500-piece LEGO Millennium Falcon from The Force Awakens, and it looks fantastic. I wish I had that kind of discipline (now I’ll never be a Jedi!). (via The Brothers Brick)

What did you see today?

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