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Doctor Who Takes On Emoji-Robots in Glorious New Photos

New wallpaper alert.

So here's a thing that is actually happening:  Doctor Who is set to tackle "Emoji-Robots" this week in the episode "Smile" and I don't  know what to make of it. On one hand, this is absolutely within the show's wheelhouse but on the others....emoji bots? They seem so creepy.

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Peter Capaldi on Leaving Doctor Who: “While You’re Enjoying It, Leave”

"I think I've always—Doctor Who is a great job but it's a bit of a television factory, you know?"

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Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer Ends With the Doctor Not Doing Too Hot

This new trailer for Doctor Who's upcoming tenth season is short, sweet, and ends on a particularly teasery note that's sure to give fans of Peter Capaldi's Doctor a few heart palpitations.

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New Doctor Who S10 Trailer Promises Excitement In Twelfth Doctor’s Last Days (and Bill’s First!)

At long last, the trailer we were promised today for the upcoming tenth season of Doctor Who has dropped, along with a new image! Let's enjoy (and overanalyze) them, shall we?

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It’s Official: The Next Series of Doctor Who Will Be the Last For Peter Capaldi

It's easy to be ambivalent about Doctor Who news these days, as the show seems to happen so infrequently it almost dares you to stop caring. However, when I stop and think about Peter Capaldi's run as a whole, I really, really enjoyed both his take on the Doctor as well as many of his stories. Sadly, Capaldi officially announced that the upcoming series of Doctor Who will be his last.

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Peter Capaldi Doesn’t Know if He Should Stay or if He Should Go Away From Doctor Who

It seems Peter Capaldi, who plays the 12th iteration of the twin-hearted Time Lord, hasn't made up his mind quite yet about whether he wants to stay on as the Doctor or not. Gasp.

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Doctor Who: Class Trailer, Christmas Special “Superhero” Revealed at NYCC

"For Time has looked at your faces, and Time never forgets..."

Peter Capaldi, a.k.a. the Doctor himself, took to the stage at Madison Square Garden earlier today as part of the New York Comic Con debut of the Doctor Who spin-off, Class, which is set to premiere in Spring 2017 along with the 10th Season of Doctor Who. Check out one of the two trailers they showed above!

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Pearl Mackie Will Be The New Companion on Doctor Who

The BBC broke the news today.

The BBC teased the news yesterday that a new Companion would be stepping into the sexy blue box known as the TARDIS alongside Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor for a whole new set of adventures--and now, it's been officially confirmed which actor will be assuming the long-standing role as the Doctor's new Companion.

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Peter Capaldi Not Thrilled With How the BBC Handles Doctor Who

It seems the Doctor isn't thrilled with the BBC's handling of his show.

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Peter Capaldi May Stay After Steven Moffat Leaves Doctor Who

Or, he may not.

There have been rumors right and left as to whether or not Peter Capaldi will remain the Doctor after Steven Moffat leaves Doctor Who in 2018.

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Doctor Who‘s Alex Kingston and Steven Moffat Talk Closure for River Song

Many of us have already marveled at the warmth and sincerity of the final (??) appearance of River Song on Doctor Who in this year's Christmas special, "The Husbands of River Song." Now, Alex Kingston, along with Steven Moffat, are sharing their thoughts on closure for their favorite time-traveling archaeologist.

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Peter Capaldi’s Next Year on Doctor Who Could Very Well Be His Last

He's currently contemplating the fact that this upcoming year may be his last as the Doctor--and is already imagining how his regeneration scene would play out.

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Things We Saw Today: NASA Gives the Empire Death Star Building Tips

That's no moon, but maybe that would have been an improvement.

NASA has had all sorts of Star Wars feelings lately (haven't we all). Now, Brian Muirhead, chief engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explains how the Empire could have improved on their Death Star designs.

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Peter Capaldi Worried a Male Companion on Doctor Who Might Hog the Action

With Clara gone and the Doctor now companionless, Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi shared their opinions on who may fill the role. According to them, the next companion is likely to be a woman.

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Peter Jackson Might Direct Episode of Doctor Who Maybe Sorta, Announces via Adorable Video

"I'm The Doctor." "Who?" "Exactly."

In what will perhaps be the most adorable announcement-not-announcement video you'll see all day, Peter Jackson mused on directing an episode of Doctor Who in a... skit? Sketch?

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Peter Capaldi Calls Out Misogyny, Sexist Ageism in TV: “It’s Ridiculous”

"Of course it’s sexist. Most of my peers have partners their age, so if we have a dinner party with a bunch of actors, the wives or partners are largely the same age. Then you see your friends on screen and they are suddenly with some extraordinary young lady who wouldn’t be at the dinner party. It’s ridiculous."

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Everything is Awesome: Doctor Who May Be Joining The LEGO Movie 2

Darkness, No Planet...

If having the Twelfth Doctor in the LEGO Dimensions video game filled your little Whovian heart with glee, prepare to have it burst! The Doctor may be appearing in the upcoming sequel to The LEGO Movie!

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BBC Releases New Doctor Who Trailers Starring Maisie Williams

The Game of Thrones star will join the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) for more adventures in "The Woman Who Lived", the sixth of 12 episodes that will air starting on Saturday, October 24.

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Doctor Who: In Defense of Sonic Sunglasses

Because if they ever "fix the chameleon circuit"? Eff those people.

There's been much ado about the current Doctor on Doctor Who making use of sonic sunglasses as opposed to his sonic screwdriver, and I'd just like to say...can we all just chill the fuck out for a second?

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Doctor Who Season Premiere Available to Stream on YouTube for Free!

In case you somehow missed it and failed to catch Doctor Who's season premiere live this past weekend, fear not. BBC's got your back.

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