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MTV Halts Catfish Production After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Surface

Allegations concern executive producer and host Nev Schulman.

Another day, another sexual misconduct allegation against a man in a position of power. Today's entry into the Advent Calendar of Terrible Men features Nev Schulman involved in alleged sexual misconduct. MTV has suspended production of Catfish: The TV Show as it investigates allegations involving the program’s host and executive producer.

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Pink’s Amazing VMA Speech (Or, Why I Wish Pink Were My Mom)

Pink gave us a little glimpse as to what an awesome mom she is to her daughter Willow in a speech at the VMAs last night.

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The New Catfish Spinoff Will Focus on Unmasking Trolls

This September, MTV will air a new spin-off of Catfish that focuses on online trolls, appropriately titled Catfish: Trolls. But will it handle the subject of online harassment appropriately?

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Tom Holland Shares His Best Batman Impression for Spider-Man: Homecoming Audition

The Spider-Man: Homecoming star went on MTV to show his audition tapes, which are full of dancing and bizarre accents.

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Support Sexual Assault Survivors By Purchasing Some Powerful Sweet/Vicious Fan Art

Just because Sweet/Vicious was cancelled by MTV doesn't mean its fans aren't still making a difference. One fan in particular, Brittany Dailey, has taken her Sweet/Vicious fan art and translated it into real, concrete support for sexual assault survivors.

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Lessons We Can Learn From the Geordie Shore Cast

The men and women of Geordie Shore display a confusing mixture of progressive and problematic behaviors. But we know they’re a mess already; hopefully this list will give a clearer picture of why we love them, and what we can learn from them.

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Decoded Teaches You How Not to Be a Racist Jerk on Cinco De Mayo

Hey, are you thinking of wearing eating a bunch of tacos and drinking lots of margaritas today armed with a big ol' mustache and a sombrero? How about ... not doing that?

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Things We Saw Today: Pink, Feminine Star Wars Bedrooms Are All the Rage

I am personally, deeply jealous over the bedroom decor that 10-year-old Emmie and her father Scott were able to put together. (Check it out after the jump)

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Fear Factor Is Coming Back to Gross You out Because We Don’t Get Enough of That With the Daily News Cycle Already

I have a lot of feelings, okay?

In "Why Is This Happening?" news, MTV has decided to bring back Fear Factor.

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Can We Talk About MTV Movie & TV Awards and Their Inclusive Best Actor Category?

No more male/female division.

Remember when MTV switched up their annual Movie Awards and added TV into the mix? Well, the nominations for that bigger and better awards ceremony have been announced and, big shocker here, Get Out leads with six. The Jordan Peele horror thriller is up for categories like Movie of the Year, Best Actor, Best Villain and Best Duo.

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Franchesca Ramsey’s Decoded Tackles Own-Race Bias, or Why People Keep Mistaking Her for Jessica Williams

Franchesca Ramsey kicks off the season with a dive into how own-race bias makes people confuse celebrities of color for one another, even when they look nothing alike.

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Things We Saw Today: You Can Stop Wondering Now, This Is What the Cast of Daria Is Up to Today

Co-creator and character designer Susie Lewis is giving an update on what those beloved characters are up today.

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MTV Finally Acknowledges That TV Has Greater Relevance These Days With the MTV Movie & TV Awards

First, MTV went from exclusively giving out Video Music Awards to giving out the MTV Movie Awards. Now, after 25 years of that, the cable stalwart has finally decided to acknowledge what A-list film stars realized long ago. TV is where it's at these days.

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MTV Had Some New Year’s Resolution Suggestions for White Guys & Shocker, a Lot of White Guys Are Super Pissed

Auld Lang Sigh.

Most of us would find it obvious that this video is 1. Humor. And 2. Not an actual attempt to lump every existing white male into a monolith that has, in every way imaginable, caused the downfall of society over the last 12 months. Right? We're safe in assuming both of those things are true? Oh, how naive we are.

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MTV’s Sweet/Vicious Showcases Women Who Fight (and Fight Back)

MTV’s new hour-long original series is a genre-bending comedy-drama that tackles campus rape head-on. And it doesn’t shy away from controversy—or a nod to the superhero genre—in the process.

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[VIDEO] The Cast from Mary + Jane on Why It Isn’t Your Typical Stoner Comedy

"These are two very active, creative women."

From the title, Mary + Jane, seems like just another comedy about stoners—only with women. While the show does center on a pair of "ganja-prenuers" trying to make it in the world, its interesting female characters give it the added edge to set it apart from others like it.

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[VIDEO] The Cast of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious on Subverting TV Rape Tropes and Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

"It is about switching the dialogue."

In just a few weeks, MTV adds a new show to its lineup that has me pretty excited. Sweet/Vicious is the story of two young women seeking out justice for sexual assault survivors on their college campus.

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Yeah, Beyoncé Pretty Much Owned the VMAs With Her Record-Breaking Night

Queen Bey broke a VMA record, performed an epic "Lemonade" medley, and brought along the Mothers of the Movement.

If you haven’t realized it by now, Beyoncé is in a league of her own.

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Things We Saw Today: Worried Bulldog Warns Fictional Girl During Scary Crimson Peak Scene

Khaleesi is VERY concerned.

A four-year-old English bulldog named Khaleesi (which is one of the best names I've ever heard for a dog, hands down) is very concerned while watching 2015's Crimson Peak. Clearly, young Edith has to be warned that there's a scary ghost approaching! Personally, I'd prefer Khaleesi at my side during any scary movie.

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Things We Saw Today: Conan O’Brien & Steven Yeun Get a K-Pop Makeover

Steven Yeun and Conan made a trip to South Korea to make this music video with JYP Entertainment which is colorful and catchy. (Trigger Warning for epilepsy)

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