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Are We Getting Even More ‘Teen Wolf’ After the Movie?

The Pack is back—but is the series?

Tyler Posey as Scott McCall in the Teen Wolf Movie

Five years after the final season of MTV’s beloved supernatural teen drama Teen Wolf came to a close, Scott, Allison, Derek, and the rest (well, most) of the Beacon Hills gang have returned to our screens once again with Teen Wolf: The Movie. The standalone film—which picks up after the series finale—is now streaming on Paramount+ and follows Scott as he reunites with old friends (and thought-dead love interests) to defeat a terrifying new evil.

Though the film itself (and some of the liberal changes it makes to the events established in the series finale) has garnered a mixed response from some fans, there’s no question that viewers are happy to have so many familiar faces back again. But with the new movie rekindling fans’ affection for the original series, and a large chunk of the cast seemingly up for reprising their roles, the question on many viewers minds is obvious: will Teen Wolf the series come back?

Will there be more ‘Teen Wolf’?

Luckily for fans, it seems like both the cast and crew of Teen Wolf are more than happy to reprise the universe—whether that be via more movies, or even a possible reprisal of the series. Back in 2022 at San Diego Comic-Con, series creator Jeff Davis revealed that talks about a Teen Wolf: The Movie sequel were already in the works, emphasizing that the likelihood of more Teen Wolf was dependent on the success of the new film: “There is discussion of doing more. That depends on you guys—everybody sign up for Paramount+.”

It’s worth mentioning that at the same panel, Davis also brought out Sarah Michelle Gellar and announced her starring role in the Wolf Pack series. But though the name (and the show’s inclusion in the Teen Wolf panel) may leave fans thinking that Wolf Pack is part of the Teen Wolf universe, don’t turn it on expecting to see familiar faces. The series has no connection to Teen Wolf.

Who might return for a second ‘Teen Wolf’ movie?

So, with creators all ready to go on a sequel, who could fans expect to see return for a second Teen Wolf movie? Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) has made it clear that he’s more than happy to return for any and all things Teen Wolf. In an interview with Screen Rant, he expressed interest in a sequel and speculated on what the story might explore: “I want more. I think it would be interesting to now see how they live their lives as adults. We got to see them as teenagers. We got to see them for two days as adults, but they were distracted, by all this chaos.”

Co-stars Crystal Reed (Allison) and Holland Roden (Lydia) also appeared in the recent film, so presumably their return would also be likely. Not as certain would be the presence of Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek Hale—a fan favorite who did come back for Teen Wolf: The Movie but who (spoiler alert!) dies at the end of the film. Also a major question mark is Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski—far and away the show’s most popular character, but one who did not return for the movie. On possibly coming back to the Teen Wolf universe, O’Brien told Variety, “Ultimately, I just decided it was left in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there.”

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