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MIT Made a Psychopathic AI Because We’re Not Hurtling Towards the Apocalypse Fast Enough

Oh God we're all going to die.

You would think that the killer combination of global warming, Doritos Locos tacos, and the Trump administration is sending us on a one-way ticket to the end of the world. Whelp, the nerds at MIT just asked us to hold their beer as they slammed their foot on the gas pedal. A team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Killing Us All, I mean Technology have developed a psychopathic algorithm named Norman. Like Norman Bates, get it?

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Soon You Could Be Reading by Glowing Plant Light

MIT engineers have created a wondrous thing: they successfully embedded nanoparticles of luciferase—the enzyme that makes fireflies light up—into the leaves of a common watercress plant, thereby inventing the coolest way to read in the universe.

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Things We Saw Today: The Real Story Behind the Events of Detroit

Annapurna Pictures also released a really great video along with the second trailer for the film where we get to hear from several of the people who lived through the events depicted in the film, including Melvin Dismukes (played by John Boyega in the film) all stressing how important it is that this story finally get told. Check it out after the jump!

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Marvel’s Ironheart, Riri Williams, Gets a Fan Film From MIT for Pi Day

We could all use some inspiration right now, and this Riri Williams short from MIT really has us hyped up about the next generation of college students.

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Monday Cute: MIT Students Research Stress-Relieving Effects of Puppies in “Puppy Lab”

Get it? Puppy lab!

I feel like every college in America could really benefit from a program like MIT's Puppy Lab.

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These Gold Leaf Temporary Tattoos Are a Touchscreen and a Fashion Statement

Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, PhD student at MIT, took inspiration from the street fashion in Taiwan when she took part in helping put together this stunning piece of wearable technology at the MIT Media Lab, in partnership with Microsoft. It's called the Duoskin, and it's a gold leaf temporary tattoo that can be used as a touchscreen.

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Meet the Two Female MIT Physicists Who Helped Ghostbusters Stay as Close to Reality as Possible

Whether you realize it or not, the new Ghostbusters is packed with as many close-to-reality details as humanly possible. This was done thanks to the efforts of the two MIT physicists who served as consultants for the film: Janet Conrad and Lindley Winslow.

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MIT Code Loads Webpages Faster in Any Browser Because—Nope, Too Slow, Already Closed Window


Like most technology, the Internet has come a long way from where it was in years past in terms of speed. However, also like most technology, web pages and apps have added more features to take advantage of that, which can really dampen the effect of all that progress. Now, thanks to some code developed at MIT, we can take better advantage of some of that speed.

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Extremely Nerdy Ghostbusters Featurette Shows Us How Proton Packs Work

Lest you doubt that the team behind the upcoming Ghostbusters movie is a bunch of huge nerds, this featurette will prove you wrong. In it, Dr. James Maxwell of MIT, who advised on the film, takes us through the ins and outs of how the team's proton packs work, and just how real the science actually is in this film!

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It’s Happening: Scientists Announce Discovery of Gravitational Waves

For real this time (we hope).

Mistakes have been made before, and it's possible that this discovery will be challenged like last time, but scientists at LIGO have announced that they're certain they've detected gravitational waves for the first time.

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Things We Saw Today: Tina Fey and Martin Freeman Ask WTF?

OK, so that's not entirely accurate. Their new film is called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (which is pretty much the same thing), and Paramount Pictures just released this first look at Fey and Freeman from the film. Check out more info and a full photo gallery at!

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MIT Invents New Form of X-ray Vision Using WiFi to Detect Humans Through Walls

I'd settle for WiFi that does a better job detecting THE INTERNET.

Sure, X-ray vision with, um, actual X-rays is cool and all, but what about seeing people through walls in a less lead vesty way? MIT's got some new technology that does the trick using WiFi, and it's accurate enough to identify specific people. Brb, going to try to hack my router for flight and freezing breath.

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Think You Could Land a Rocket on a Ship Better Than SpaceX? Prove It in This Web Game

Wait. Does that make it a rocket ship?

Why is it so hard for SpaceX to land a rocket on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean? Well, it's literal rocket science—the thing to which degrees of difficulty are frequently compared, along with "brain surgery." With this web game, you can pretend you're Elon Musk and give it a go for yourself.

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MIT Researchers Create Robot With Subtle Human Reflexes; We’re One Step Closer to Vicki From Small Wonder

I wasn't only into robots when I was a kid, I wanted to be one. I'd spend hours walking around the house pretending to be Vicki from Small Wonder and trying to magnetize cans with my hand.

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Neuroscientist Shaves Her Head to Better Illustrate How the Brain Works/Look Awesome

MIT Neuroscientist Nancy Kanwisher is sick of all this damn hair making it difficult to demonstrate just where certain regions of the brain lie. Either that, or she was just looking for an excuse to shave her head to look awesome/begin her journey towards supervillain-dom.

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Never Examine Your Zipper Again With The Help of Sartorial Robots

Okay, unless you are a giant with a monster fly, this little guy from MIT's Personal Robot Group won't be taking care of your jeans any time soon. But sleeves, jackets, and surface zippers? The sartorial robot has got those suckers down.

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Science Is Real Close to Developing Squid-like Color Changing Skin From Synthetic Materials

Nobody suspects a thing!

Some squids, octopuses, and other cephalopods are able to camouflage their bodies underwater by changing the color and texture of their skin, which is probably how they're able to so successfully infiltrate our society and integrate themselves into human families as our octodads. But according to new research from MIT, humans are pretty close to creating our own version of cephalopod skin.

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Slow Motion Video Sheds Light On Why Rain Has That Distinct “Petrichor” Smell

Things the Doctor's Wife didn't teach us.

Say it with me, Doctor Who nerds: petrichor is the smell of dust after rain. But despite having an incredible fancy name that would also double as a wonderful perfume brand, scientists were never quite sure how that whole "rain smell" thing worked, other than a guess that it might be a result of oils and chemicals being released from the ground. Leave it to MIT to set the record straight with a bunch of fancy high-tech cameras, eh?

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Elon Musk Is Afraid We Might Create Ultron, He Is Now Officially Tony Stark

There are no strings on Musk.

Now do you believe me that Elon Musk is not-so-secretly Iron Man? The dude is worried about Ultron, for crap's sake! Whoever came up with this viral marketing campaign for Age of Ultron deserves a raise.

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MIT Warns Mars One Habitat Plans May Poison Their Own Mars Settlers Within 70 Days of Arrival

You got what you want. Give these people air! ...But not too much of it.

Mars One is a private Mars settlement mission that aims to recoup the costs of establishing the first human colony on an alien planet by turning it into a reality show, so now you've got some context for the fact that their life support plans may actually backfire and poison their own settlers. That's one heck of an elimination challenge.

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