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Things We Saw Today: Japan Celebrates The Force Awakens With Sand Castles

The sculptures feature C-3PO, R2-D2, and our favorite little rolling ball droid: BB-8. Just look at the detail!

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Two Psychic Dudes Are Hopeless Without Meagan Good in the Minority Report Preview

I had weird feelings about this show at first, considering how important the "precog" woman was in the Minority Report movie and how this show seemed to focus on the guys, but I'm pretty on-board with the whole, "Hey, we can see the future, but we're kind of bad at this. Could you help us out?" direction it's going.

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See into the Future in the First Look at the Minority Report TV Series


You're seeing the future literally, because this show will be on in the future! You're seeing it figuratively, because the show is about an even-further-future future! You're seeing it double figuratively (a very real thing), because precogs see the even-further-future future future! So many layers.

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Lucifer and Minority Report TV Adaptation Pilots “Leak” Online

*Biggest skeptical glare.*

In grand Internet tradition, you can now watch the pilots of LuciferMinority Report, and Blindspot ahead of their TV premieres this fall. We're sure the networks are soooo upset about it, too.

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FOX’s Minority Report Does Right By Changing the Name of a Certain Football Team

Well played, show. Well played.

I was originally indifferent to the upcoming FOX television adaptation of Minority Report, which is set fifteen years after Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of the Phillp K. Dick story. However, they just announced something that earned them some major brownie points with me.

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Things We Saw Today: Colonel Sanders Rides Into SDCC On His Steed

Although we wouldn't really call the marketing 'subliminal'

KFC has an exclusive comic featuring Colonel Sanders! When asked why it's the best thing ever, he replied "Because it combines two of the greatest things on the planet: comic books and my delicious fried chicken."

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Check Out “Inside Looks” at Fox’s Lucifer, Minority Report, Frankenstein Code, and More

Yesterday was "here's what we'll be doing with TV next year" day for Fox, and now we've got trailers to go along with the shows that will be starting up on the network this fall—and boy are there a lot of adaptations. We've got an adaptation of Lucifer comics, a TV version of Minority Report, and a modern retelling of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with Frankenstein Code. Take a look!

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FOX Brings Their Genre “A” Game With Trailers for Minority Report and Lucifer

We're still upset about The Mindy Project, though...

While we're still stinging from the cancellation of The Mindy Project (do the right thing, Hulu!), we're thrilled that FOX is bringing us some awesome-looking genre projects!

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Things We Saw Today: Stephen Merchant Is Dirrty. Real Dirrty.

Chaps and booty shorts ahead. You've been warned.

Listen, we all saw this coming. When Lip Sync Battle was announced, it was obvious to all of us that Stephen Merchant was going to become a regular fixture. Not only that, but we all knew that he was going to be a hilarious fixture. Like those crazy things on the walls at Chili's. Woo! An alligator with sunglasses. Ha.

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Things We Saw Today: Tom Felton Makes A Kim Kardashian Hair Change All About Draco

A Kim Kardashian hairstyle change would not usually be considered a part of the TMS wheelhouse. But then Tom Felton went and jumped on the it-looks-like-Draco-Malfoy bandwagon and, well. We just can't pass up the opportunity to point out that, yes, Kim Kardashian is definitely a Slytherin, and I do not mean that as a bad thing. Kanye, however, is still up for debate.

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Think Like A Man‘s Meagan Good To Star In Minority Report Reboot

Good job, Fox!

Remember how optimistic we were about the upcoming Minority Report TV reboot when we learned Fox was looking to cast a female protagonist? Well, they doubled down pretty awesomely on their casting choice.

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Things We Saw Today: Troy Baker Doing a Jeff Goldblum Impression Is Whoa

Someone hold me.

This is game voiceover god Troy Baker doing a bunch of impressions—but at 5:20, he does a bang-on Jeff Golblum, which is almost too much for one girl to handle. And it just keeps going. Bless you Troy Baker. (via Emma Fissenden)

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Minority Report Is Coming True, Microsoft Wants Stores to use Kinect to Recognize Shoppers

"My my. This is the third time you've been to GameStop this wee—" SHUTTUP.

Minority Report is coming true because of Kinect! ...Is not just a headline from when the Kinect originally debuted wacky hand-waving controls back in 2010, but is a real thing that's happening again as Microsoft encourages retail stores to electronically recognize customers using the gaming peripheral which most gamers don't really want.

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Technology Projects Touchable Holograms for Futuristic Control Panels

And probably whatever else the Internet decides they're for...

One thing that holds back motion controls and gesture controls is the lack of feedback that makes it impossible to tell if the controls are working poorly or if you're just not very good at them—in which case most people blame the technology. This new haptic feedback solution using ultrasound speakers might just give us a way to feel virtual controls.

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Fox Is Doing a Female-Led Sequel to Minority Report

We saw this coming. *whistles*

What order will they air the episodes in this time?

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Martin Scorsese & HBO May Help Shutter Island Join The Ranks Of Movies Getting Their Own Show

It's like True Detective, but with more women water!

Deadline is reporting that HBO and Paramount are joining forces to bring Scorsese's 2010 thriller to the small screen in a series that focuses on the history of the hospital and treatments for the mentally ill in the 1950s. I know, I know: but will it have a laugh track?

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New Software Looks to Predict the Future From Newspaper Headlines

Software that predicts the news of tomorrow by analyzing the headlines of yesterday sounds like the plot of a Nicolas Cage movie, but it's really happening. Researchers at Microsoft and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed a system that predicts outbreaks of disease and violence by analyzing newspaper headlines. The system was tested on over two decades of New York Times archives, and accurately predicted outcomes 70 to 90 percent of the time.

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Minority Report Precog-Like Software Being Tested In Baltimore And Philadelphia To Predict Crimes

The Future Is Now!

More and more these days we're witnesses the technologies from our favorite sci-fi films and television shows get closer to reality. The latest is a new kind of software meant to predict the actions of criminals. Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are already using it to prevent murders and Washington D.C. is next on the list. Don't worry, no one is keeping psychics in a pool. Well, not that we're aware... 

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New Mannequins May Be Passing Off Information About Your Holiday Shopping Habits

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiive!

Well this is creepy. You already know you're under surveillance when you enter your local department store but did you ever think the store would enlist mannequins to keep an eye on you? A few locations are testing out specially fitted mannequins that aren't made for spotting shoplifters but use facial-recognition software to give owners data about their shoppers' age, gender, and race. 

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Kinect Goes Minority Report with Multitouch Hack

It was only a matter of days after Adafruit Industries put a $3000 bounty on an open source driver for Microsoft's Kinect than a hacker triumphantly claimed the prize: Could Matt Cutts, the Google engineer who offered two $1000 bounties for creative applications and programming tools for the Kinect, be next to spur lots of hacker creativity in short order? One idea that Cutts proposed in his post was "A Minority Report-style user interface where you can open, move, and close windows with your movements." Spurred or unspurred by Cutts, in the video above, YouTube's floemuc, a.k.a. Florian Echtler, provides a proof-of-concept video using a hacked Kinect for Minority Report-style multitouch. If this is the state of the DIY Kinect movement a week-and-a-half after its release, just think of the possibilities a few months from now. Below, bonus hack: Video of Kinect running on Mac OS X:

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