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Things We Saw Today: Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist Is a Bunch of Fun

Yesterday, President Barack Obama posted a playlist of what he and First Lady Michelle Obama are currently listening to as they enjoy not watching any of the Presidential debates.

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Petty as Ever, Donald Trump Wants to Investigate Barack Obama’s Post-Presidency Book Deal

It's not clear what exactly Trump thinks Republicans might find if they were to "look into" that deal. That Michelle Obama is a brilliant writer and people are are interested in what she and her husband have to say? I do understand how that could be a confusing concept for him.

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Michelle Obama Shares Her Anti-Imposter Syndrome Secret: The Most Powerful Leaders in the Biggest Rooms “Are Not That Smart”

Michelle Obama has taken a few days off from her book tour to attend George H.W. Bush's memorial services, but her last event–a sold-out conversation with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie–gave us a wealth of inspiration to tide us over until the next one.

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Michelle Obama Is Absolutely Right About “That Lean In Sh**”

"That whole ‘so you can have it all.’ ... That’s a lie."

The shock of hearing perma-composed Michelle Obama let slip a swear is entertaining, but it shouldn't (and I don't think it did) overshadow her message and her criticism of the advice to "lean in," as coined by Sheryl Sandberg.

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Conservatives Try to Boycott Netflix Again, This Time Over the Obamas’ Producing Deal

Barack and Michelle Obama recently landed a deal with Netflix to produce "a diverse mix of content, including the potential for scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries and features," reportedly working both in front of and behind the camera, which is a pretty unique and interesting development for a former president and first lady. Or, if you're a conservative who hates the Obamas, it may be the end of the world—or, at least, your Netflix subscription.

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Things We Saw Today: Barack and Michelle Obama Are Netflix Producers Now

This is a super exciting deal, but there's one aspect in particular that has Twitter extra fired up. It may be petty, but given Trump's obsession with ratings, the idea of the Obamas beating him to an Emmy is a pretty delicious concept.

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Obama Could Be Producing Shows for Netflix Soon

While there are no exact details so far, they report that the former President will "highlight inspiration stories" rather than responding directly to Donald Trump.

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Michelle Obama Is Releasing a Memoir in November!

Michelle Obama's memoir now has a release date and a title! Becoming will be available from Crown, an imprint of Penguin Random House, on November 13, 2018.

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Things We Saw Today: A Regal Cinema Screened Fifty Shades Freed Instead of Black Panther

Have you ever sat down to watch a cinematic masterpiece and been horribly trolled?

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Things We Saw Today: The Obamas’ Official Portraits Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Barack and Michelle Obama's portraits will hang in the National Portrait Gallery's "America's Presidents" exhibition, reminding America of a time when its White House had class and kindness.

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Michelle Obama’s Advice to Men: “Y’all Need to Go Talk to Each Other About Your Stuff.”

Barack and Michelle Obama created the Obama Foundation, the purpose of which is to "equip civic innovators, young leaders, and everyday citizens with the skills and tools they need to create change in their communities." The foundation just held its inaugural summit at which Michelle Obama took to the stage yesterday.

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Things We Saw Today: For Marvel Editor Sana Amanat, Ms. Marvel Is Very Personal

As part of their 25th Anniversary celebration, SYFY released a 15-part podcast series called SYFY25: Origin Stories, hosted by Adam Savage (Mythbusters). It serves as a nostalgic celebration of all things science fiction and features notable females ruling the sci-fi world such as Sana Amanat.

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Things We Saw Today: Perfect Stranger Things Homage Posters

It's not quite time for Stranger Things season 2 just yet, but with the arrival of September 1, we're all feeling a bit spookier, so let's revel in these eerie throwback poster homages to some of our old school favorites.

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Michelle Obama Addresses Racism and Sexism in Women’s Foundation of CO Talk

Last night, former First Lady Michelle Obama was invited to a conversation being hosted by the Women's Foundation of CO to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. She inspired a crowd of 8,500 while speaking frankly about issues of race and gender.

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The Obamas Announce What’s Next For Them

The Obama Foundation is "an ongoing project for us to shape, together, what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century." Which sounds like something we all need right now.

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First Lady Michelle Obama Surprises Guests on The Tonight Show, They Cry, We Cry, We All Cry Forever

First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Tonight Show in a segment where she and host Jimmy Fallon surprised random strangers who were recording videos to her.

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Michelle Obama Gave Her Last Speech As FLOTUS and We’re Not Crying, You’re Crying

You matter.

Seeing Michelle Obama's face and hearing her voice cracks as she tells you she believes in you is what we all need right now.

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Michelle Obama Is Brutally Honest About Her Lack of Plans to Run For Office, Ever

But what if we ask really nicely?

According to Michelle Obama, we have no idea how hard that job is.

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First Lady Michelle Obama’s Speech Today is a Validating Tearjerker For Everyone Who’s Been Hating Political News Lately

Today, Michelle Obama's name is trending on Twitter, and her voice and her quotes have been filling my social media timelines--and thank goodness for that, because it's been a truly dismal week of U.S. election-related news.

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Things We Saw Today: Leslie Jones Is Back On Twitter

After much Twitter turmoil and three days of silence, Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones has returned to the social media platform with the above tweet. We knew she couldn't stay away, and we're glad she's back!

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