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The #KyloRenChallenge Is Apparently a Thing, and I’m Here for It

Let's be honest. Whether you loved or loathed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there was one thing at the center of that loving and loathing. Shirtless Kylo Ren. You know it's true. John Mayer and the rest of the Internet know it's true, too.

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Things We Saw Today: “Cat Person,” The New Yorker Story People are Obsessed With

Dating is fun for some people and for others it can be a mess of misunderstandings and with technology as the middleman sometimes it can lead to projecting things onto to people. Then a fountain of regret. "Cat Person" the short story in the New Yorker that has blown up and resonated with a lot of people for different people.

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Would You Want Pennywise the Clown in Your Engagement Photos?

No Pennywise on your special day? Well, too bad, if you're video producer Jesse McLaren's sister. In a mischievous act of photoshopping, McLaren took his sister's pictures like he was asked—then added a little IT-themed surprise.

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Pennywise and The Babadook Sitting In a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. And It’s “Babawise,” I Don’t Care What Anyone Says

The Internet couldn't be happier.

The Babadook and Pennywise are currently Hollywood's newest "it" gay couple. (Get it?)

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This Brilliant Hamlet Meme Means That All the Other “Distracted Boyfriend” Memes Can Go Home

The "Distracted Boyfriend" stock photo meme swept the Internet recently, resulting in endless iterations (and a triumphant girl-power ending to the memestory). One artist gave the meme a clever literary twist and it is currently my favorite thing.

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Conservative Blogger Turns Hurricane Harvey Picture Into Sexist Propaganda, Gets Shut Down by Entire Internet

Twitter was already having fun dragging Matt Walsh's sexist meme, and then an "actual gender studies professor" stepped in to set him straight on some things.

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I Feel Personally Attacked by This “Gifted Kid Burnout Bingo” Meme

Some memes are funny and some are cruel and some are both, leaving you curled up in a fetal position and laughing while you question your existence.

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Even With Off-Camera Press Briefings, the White House Can’t Stop the Internet’s Memes

Sarah Huckabee Sanders brought out some utterly Photoshoppable posters to explain the new #MAGAnomics plan.

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Kellyanne Conway Used Flashcards for Some Reason, and Now Memes Are Everywhere

In response to allegations towards Donald Trump Jr.'s collusion, Kellyanne Conway went "full on Sesame Street" on Sean Hannity by bringing out flashcards as a visual aid. 

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Ivanka Trump’s Ridiculous Us Weekly Cover Deserved the Meme Treatment It Got

Even before the election, when we still thought things could be good, words mattered, and there were objective truths that could be agreed upon, Ivanka Trump was attracting attention—some of it creepier than the rest. Since its conclusion, she's been heralded as a "moderating influence" on Donald Trump and a champion for things that her father is decidedly bad for, despite how it's becoming increasingly clear that just isn't true.

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Harvard Rescinds Admissions Offers After Incoming Freshmen Post Offensive Memes

It's 2017, and what you do on the Internet has real-life ramifications. No one should internalize this message more than the group of students who gained admission to one of America's most elite institutions only to lose their place because of behavior on Facebook.

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Greetings, Fellow Youths: The Cast of Riverdale Brings to Life Some Internet Memes

I'm just as bewildered at this video as they seem to be.

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Guess What Happened to Pepe the Frog on Free Comic Book Day…

Pepe the Frog's creator is none too happy about white supremacists co-opting his art, and he let everyone know it in Fantagraphics' Free Comic Book Day offering.

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The Internet Has a New Hero in Ivanka Trump’s Neighbor

Whether it's because of her opinion on the Trump family's politics, or because having Ivanka in the neighborhood is reportedly pretty awful, this neighbor, drinking wine and enjoying the giant "Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice" outside of Trump's home, is the new Kermit sipping tea.

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Boaty McBoatface, the Best-Named Submarine in the World, Has Its First Expedition

The Internet's own seafaring baby.

Boaty McBoatface grew up so fast! It seems like only yesterday the small underwater robot was the product of Internet humor that hijacked a British boat-naming competition. Now it is the most famous and finely monikered submersible to ever exist. And today, Boaty has its maiden voyage in Antarctica.

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Leave it to Justin Trudeau to Shut Down Trump’s Weird Bullying Handshake Technique

He knows where that thing has been.

Donald Trump has a habit of turning handshakes into power plays, and Justin Trudeau had the perfect reaction.

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Astronauts Took the Mannequin Challenge on the International Space Station

Is using zero gravity a cheat or a challenge?

Astronauts on board the International Space Station took the Mannequin Challenge.

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The Mummy Trailer Accidentally Got Posted Without a Musical Score. Let the Memes Begin!

Somebody at the IMAX YouTube channel is in hot water this week, because they uploaded the wrong version of the trailer for The Mummy, and the results are hilarious.

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Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Understand How or Why He Became a Meme

Years later, Ryan Gosling is still totally baffled about that "Hey Girl" meme.

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Matt Furie Shares Rarest Pepe of All, Responds to Pepe Memes With a Nightmarish Comic

Matt Furie has responded to all the meme variations on his original Pepe the Frog character with a nightmarish comic of his own for The Nib.

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