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Netflix’s Bright Gets A Sequel, But Max Landis Will No Longer Be the Screenwriter

Despite almost universally scathing reviews, Netflix's Bright has been greenlit for a sequel. Director David Ayer and stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are expected to return, but screenwriter Max Landis will not be.

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Things We Saw Today: The Awesomeness of the Star Wars Story Group

There's a reason why the Star Wars universe is slowly, but surely, becoming a more inclusive one. The Star Wars story group.

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Sexual Assault Allegations Against Max Landis Surface on Twitter

As Netflix's Bright, written by Max Landis and directed by David Ayer, is being released with a massive marketing campaign, a number of people have come forward with allegations about Landis.

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Hollywood’s Insistence on Making Max Landis “A Thing” Is a Symptom of Its Endemic Sexism

If we're to believe exclusively what we're told, Max Landis is a big deal. And we're repeatedly told he's a big deal for reasons having nothing to do with his famous father and everything to do with the fact that...he gets paid a lot of money for scripts that end up not being successful?

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Things We Saw Today: Stray Cat Has Opinions On Current Events, Makes Surprise Appearance on Turkish TV News Show

This cat on a Turkish TV News show has some strong opinions about current events. Actually, it's a stray that got in through an open door, but it decided that it needed to make its presence known during this TV News broadcast. The best part is that the anchor/host is so super-chill about it, but you can totally tell he's working so hard not to pet his new, furry co-anchor.

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Chronicle Scribe Max Landis Writing Show Based on Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently Books

I am emotionally compromised.

Did someone say "new Douglas Adams adaptation"? No, I'm not crying. I'm completely over Adams' death at the far-too-young age of 49. I'M FINE.

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Your Weekly Hollywood Notable Saying They’d Love to Make a Wonder Woman Film; Still No Film in Development

Great Hera!

Those of us who cannot believe that Warner Bros. hasn't greenlit a Wonder Woman movie yet have a complicated relationship with news about a given possible adaptation. On the one hand, we're incredibly cynical about the actual prospects of any body saying anything. We know "how it is." On the other, we're willing to consider any path to getting her on the big screen, no matter how vaguely couched or insidery the connection. So for this post, lets entertain the hypothetical notion that Max Landis, screenwriter of Chronicle, was intentionally dropping hints about pitching a Wonder Woman movie to Warner Bros.

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Harry Potter Himself in Talks to Star in Frankenstein Film Adaptation

From cinematic young wizard Harry Potter to thespian stable boy to Broadway singer, young actor Daniel Radcliffe is still up and coming. Now his acting pursuits are taking a decidedly darker, and delightfully more thoughtful turn, as Radcliffe is in talks to join a 20th Century Fox production of Frankenstein -- not as the monster or the doctor, but as the twisted manservant Igor. The obvious question is: Why would Radcliffe play second fiddle to the monster or the doc?

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Harry Potter’s Emma Watson & Daniel Radcliffe Looking To Take On Two Classic Characters

This is just like magic!

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have been doing fairly well for themselves post-Potter. Now both are circling roles that will place them in two other book adaptations - Cinderella and Frankenstein. Bet you can't guess which is which. 

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Chronicle is Getting a Sequel

Back when the trailer for Chronicle released, we knew the movie would be some form of entertaining -- either because things would blow up for two hours, or because the movie would actually be a fresh take on superpowers. Even though the movie followed some overused tropes, such as having a big fight between a hero and villain, and being shot in the handy-can style of The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield, the movie still turned out to be surprisingly good. It actually did deliver a somewhat fresh take on superpower movies. Hollywood thought it was good too, good enough for it to be getting a sequel, in fact.

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