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Things We Saw Today: Pink, Feminine Star Wars Bedrooms Are All the Rage

I am personally, deeply jealous over the bedroom decor that 10-year-old Emmie and her father Scott were able to put together. (Check it out after the jump)

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Things We Saw Today: Auli’i Cravalho Was Almost Too Busy with Honors Biology to Audition for Moana

Collider recently shared a post-Oscars interview with Moana star Auli’i Cravalho, during which she consistently confirmed her status as a real-life Disney princess. She also revealed that she almost didn't try out for Moana, because she was in honors biology and "had no time for anything else but microbes."

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LEGO Will Officially Make the Women of NASA LEGO Set a Real Product!

With timing that couldn't be more perfect on the heels of Hidden Figures' awards season buzz, LEGO Ideas is moving forward with the proposed Women of NASA LEGO set that highlights even more real-life women in our space program!

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Giveaway: Share LEGO Batman With a Child You Love By Entering to Win This Awesome Prize Pack

People have been loving The LEGO Batman Movie! What better way to spread the love than with actual LEGO Batman toys and other awesome goodies? This week, you have a chance to win a LEGO Batman Movie prize pack to share with a child in your life!

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Things We Saw Today: Commission a Lego Mosaic of Your Face, Like the Roman Empress You Are

The LEGO Mosaic Maker will give you the tools to create a custom, grayscale mosaic of your face in LEGO bricks.

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[VIDEO] New York Toy Fair: DC Super Hero Girls Action Figures, Science Demos and More

This year's New York Toy Fair featured plenty of great toys.

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Things We Saw Today: YouTube Series Shows How Cabaret Used Music to Warn Against Fascism

The awesome installment of Musical Hell's "Know the Score" series after the jump shows us how chillingly relevant the musical Cabaret still is, considering our current political climate. If you've ever wondered why art is so important, wonder no more.

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Here’s the First Teaser for LEGO Ninjago, the Other LEGO Movie You Might Wanna See

With all the hype surrounding the LEGO Batman movie, it's easy to forget there's another animated adventure coming out this year.

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If This Man Can Build a Klingon Warship of 25,000 LEGOs, You Can Keep a New Year’s Resolution

In honor of Star Trek's 50th anniversary, superfan Kevin J. Walter designed and built a Klingon Bird of Prey from 25,000 LEGOs.

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LEGO-fied Logan Trailer Shows LEGO Batman How Plastic Superhero Angst Is Done


Is there nothing that can't be done with LEGOs? YouTuber thebrickranger and Paradox Pictures recreated the Logan trailer (which you can view here for comparison) entirely with LEGOs, and it is surprisingly accurate.

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Citizen Brick Creates Custom Twin Peaks LEGO Minifigs (Backwards Talking Not Included)

At last, it's the LEGO minifig set you weren't sure you needed right up until you saw it.

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Things We Saw Today: NASA’s Peggy Whitson Became the Oldest Female Astronaut

This past weekend, NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson set an unusual record: at age 56, she's the oldest woman in space.

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Things We Saw Today: James Gunn Bets a Skeptical Fan Over Undiscovered Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg

Apparently, all of the Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs have been found save one--and when a brave commenter asserted that it might not even exist, director James Gunn bet him $100,000 smackeroos to prove otherwise. It's never wise to bet against the director of the actual movie.

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This LEGO Version of The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere is a Little Easier To Watch

But it may also scar you for life.

If you aren't necessarily able to get through the episode--or you want to rewatch those death scenes without having to watch them per se, YouTube user kristo499 has put together a LEGO stop-animation video of the two big death scenes from last week's episode. If you've been trying to avoid spoilers, I wouldn't recommend watching it--because they are literally the two biggest spoilers about who got killed off.

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How did Poe Dameron Escape the TIE Fighter Crash on Jakku? LEGO Star Wars Reveals the Answer, At Last

No one knows how Poe Dameron managed to escape the blast from the TIE Fighter crash on Jakku at the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. At long last, that question will be answered... in a very unexpected place: the latest DLC for the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens game.

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The Demand for Lego Is so High That Their Factories Are Strained, So They’re Expanding

Never leggo.

Don't worry. There will soon be enough Lego toys to go around. Although that hasn't actually been the case lately, but the company is working on it.

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Women of NASA LEGO Set Has Reached the 10,000 Votes It Needs to Become Real LEGO Product

To infinity (or at least 10,000) and beyond!

LEGO ideas is home to some great prospective LEGO sets, and one of the best things about the site is that—with 10,000 votes and some luck in the approval process—these sets can actually become real products. That happened before with, among others, a set based on women in science, and it might just happen again with this set based on women in science in space.

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Things We Saw Today: Nolan’s Batman Mashes Up Perfectly With Scott Pilgrim

Sometimes a mashup just kind of works.

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Let’s Make This Awesome Women of NASA LEGO Set Happen

There are lots of neat LEGO set ideas on ... LEGO Ideas, fittingly enough, but every once in a while, one comes along that particularly catches our eye. That's worked out for us pretty well in the past with the success of the female scientist LEGO set, and now we've got another worthy project: the women of NASA in LEGO form.

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Things We Saw Today: Creepy Morse Code-like Dunes on Mars

Where's Major Tom when you need him?

NASA's HiRISE camera snapped a really neat photo of some dunes on Mars that look like the dots and dashes that make up Morse code.

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