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Help Support Drawing the Line, a Comics Anthology by Indian Women

The awesome Nicole Burton, author of the webcomic Eugenie Shark, is also the founder of Ad Astra Comix, a comics company with an emphasis on social justice themes. Ad Astra Comix is currently crowd-funding its first full-length publishing project, Drawing the Line, an anthology of comics created by Indian women during a 2012 workshop.

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Scream, Queen! Explores ’80s Hollywood Gay Culture And Subtext in Freddy’s Revenge

Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge did not achieve a lot of mainstream success, but it's a cult classic, especially with the gay community. The subtext is not subtle. It's not hard to read Mark Patton's Jesse Walsh trying to repress his "evil within" as a young man repressing his homosexuality, especially when his body violently rejects his attempt to sleep with his girlfriend. There's also the gay bar, and the scenes with his coach with heavy S&M imagery.

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Review: Schismatic #1 — a Dark Revenge Thriller … About Pacifists

The democratizing power of online fundraising, whereby writers and artists can finance and find an audience for their work through merit alone, is pretty amazing. Case in point: Schismatic, an independent comic book still in the works written by Andrew Adams and illustrated by Rachael Briner.

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/Slash/, an Indie Coming-of-Age Movie About Fan Fiction

It's about a young fanfic writer who is pushed by one of his friends to publish his story online. When it catches the eye of a specific moderator, things change for the young author, especially when him and his friend visit a con.

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G. Willow Wilson and Amanda Palmer Open Up About Sexism in Creative Industries

Earlier this week Medium published a piece by Amanda Palmer in which the pregnant artist shared a letter she'd received recently from a "concerned" (read: judgmental) Patreon supporter.

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Fox Making A Movie About Vikings and Frost Giants Because $$$


According to Tracking Board, Fox is fast-tracking Fall of Gods, a movie about Vikings wreaking revenge on frost giants for stealing a princess. Cool, cool.

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On Samus, Writing Reflexively, and Finding My Voice

Metroid music FTW!

When I first began working on my Metroid EP at the end of 2013, my persistent anxiety had hit an all-time high.

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Cosplay For Justice Kickstarts Superhero Calendar; Future Profits Will Benefit RINJ Women’s Clinics

Cosplay For Justice has already spent $8,000 of their own money on an upcoming calendar that will feature superhero and villain cosplay spreads by professional photographers Angela Hunt, Cesar Reyes, and J.R. Blackwell; all they need is another $4,500 to complete the project.

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Bill Nye Movie Becomes the Top-Funded Documentary on Kickstarter—Ever

It blinded the competition with science.

Do you remember the Bill Nye the Science Guy documentary Kickstarter we mentioned a little while back? Not only has it met its funding goal, but it's now the most-funded documentary in the history of Kickstarter, and it's still got 36 hours to go despite having already changed the world (a little).

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Invisibility Blues: Studying Racial Representation In Videogames

Dr. Samantha Blackmon and PhD student Alisha Karabinus of Not Your Mama's Gamer have been co-producing videos that offer cultural critiques of videogames, particularly with regard to racial diversity, for some time now. The pair hopes to delve even deeper into the rarely-covered topic of racial representation in games with a five-video series called "Invisibility Blues," for which they've launched a Kickstarter that has already netted 94% of its goal.

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Help Preserve Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit With This Smithsonian Institute Kickstarter

The Smithsonian Institute recently kicked up a Kickstarter asking for money to help preserve Neil Armstrong's spacesuit.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: The Secret Loves of Geek Girls Preview – Sarah Searle’s “Better Than Fiction”

Nothing goes together quite like geek girls and romance comics.

The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, a mixed-medium non-fiction anthology featuring comics, prose, and illustrated stories, takes us into the lives and loves of some of comics' and literature's most intriguing and talented female creators (like Margaret Atwood and former TMS associate editor, Sam Maggs!). In a TMS Exclusive, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls present a preview in the form of the short comic story "Better Than Fiction."

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Things We Saw Today: The Unicorns, A Geek Girl Photo Book You Should Definitely Check Out

Have you ever been to any kind of geek or geek-adjacent event and felt kind of... alone? Isolated? Kind of like you're the last unicorn or something? Well, don't worry, because you are not alone, and this Kickstarter for a rad photo book aims to prove just that.

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The Documentary We Deserve: Kickstarter Launches for Movie About Bill Nye

Don't go chasing lava flows.

Want to help spread the good word about bow ties, science, and other things that rule? You're in luck!

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Know a Girl Who Loves STEM? Jewelbots Programmable Friendship Bracelets Launch Today

Summer camp trades just went next-level.

Is there a girl in your life (or are you a girl) aged 9-14 who loves coding, technology, and cute accessories? Well, you're in luck, because today is the launch of Jewelbots, programmable friendship bracelets that teach their wearers to communicate using Bluetooth and IFTTT technology.

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Relevant to Your Interests: The Badass Feminist Coloring Book Kickstarter

Totally. Rad. Project.

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Crowdfund the Spock Doc! Leonard Nimoy’s Son Is Kickstarting a Film About the Late Star Trek Actor

Adam Nimoy, son of the late Leonard Nimoy, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for "For the Love of Spock."

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Bill Nye’s LightSail Spacecraft Has Rebooted Itself and Reestablished Contact With Earth!

And not like Contact, where it just turns out to be your dad.

Bill Nye and The Planetary Society recently realized their dream of launching their kickstarted spacecraft that sails on photons from the sun like a sailboat and wind, but the tiny satellite lost communication with the ground, likely due to a software glitch, and after some very tense waiting, it's rebooted itself and phoned home again!

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The Angelica Doll Seeks To Make Girls Of Color Realize They Are Naturally Perfect

Warning: This video features the cutest family ever.

In Awesome Parents Who Don't Sit By While Their Daughters Feel Bad About Themselves news, Angelica Sweeting's heart broke when her young daughter Sophia expressed displeasure over her looks while riding in the car one day. Sophia said she wanted "yellow hair" and white skin like her dolls had so that she could be pretty.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Roy van der Schilden and Aïda de Ridder on Herald, Colonialism, and Cultural Identity

The Mary Sue had a chance to chat with Roy van der Schilden and Aïda de Ridder, two developers behind the adventure game/visual novel Herald. Before our chat, I got to try out a quick demo of the game. The moment I fired it up, I knew I was in for something... different.

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