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I Didn’t Know I Needed Pride Birbs Before the Pride Flock Enamel Pin Kickstarter

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Gay Breakfast, an art studio by married couple @FlameLesbian and @NilLaney, launched the perfect Kickstarter for those of us looking to start a (queer) aviary of our own.

Or if you have an enamel pin collecting problem (like me) and immediately gravitate toward cleverly themed rainbow items.

You may have seen Gay Breakfast’s work before if you frequent Kickstarter for cool queer projects, particularly enamel pins with animal themes. They’re responsible for such projects as Pride Pets and Wild Pride, which are the ones that put them on my radar. These were both projects that took different animals and gave them Pride colors, from the Bi Otter to the Aro-Gator. Their last project, the Legendary Pride Pins, featured nearly 100 enamel pins of creatures like the jackalope, the phoenix, and merfolk designed to reflect different Pride flags.

That last project was their most successful, with over 1300 backers bringing it to life, and honestly, as I write this, their Pride Flock Kickstarter has already been funded.

I’m not at all surprised, these pins are such a neat idea!

Let your PRIDE (or your support!) take flight with Pride Flock Enamel Pins, cousins of the last 3 years’ Legendary Pride, Wild Pride, and Pride Pets collections. All Pride Bird pins are 1.5-1.75″ with hard enamel between gold metal and come with 2 rubber closures. Flag options vary by bird, so look carefully!

Pride Flock, as the couple says, is another cousin to the ongoing Pride enamel pin collection. This time, however, there’s a chance to unlock more than just gay bird pins. Their campaigns typically focus on just the animal, but this time, there’s an eggcellent bonus item. “For the first time ever, we are also offering 0.5” MINI PIN Pride Eggs as Add-ons to help us provide more flags at an affordable cost.”

As the tiers unlock you’ll see that there are themed eggs to coincide with each bird, giving backers the chance to answer the age-old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Pride Chickens

Or the goose.

Crime Goose tier

The answer is “crime goose with a butcher knife.” The answer is always “crime goose with a butcher knife.”

Along with birds and eggs, there are also pronoun enamel pins. The campaign reads, “Is this next set Crows, Ravens, or an Ambiguous Black Void? Up to you! All we know is they speak your pronouns.”

Pronoun birbs

When backing the campaign, tiers go up to ordering 20 pins. There’s also a sponsored tier that lets you customize your own pin (along with getting 35 of the unlocked bird pins). This, as to be expected, has some restrictions. Your custom request must be of a bird, and the bird/flag combination must be respectful. You’ll be able to discuss your idea with the creators and they request that you message them with your idea before the end of the campaign. This will give you time to change your pledge if the creators feel like they aren’t able to create the idea.

At the $9,000 mark, there are select species that come in limited, specific colors … for now. These included beautifully detailed birds like peacocks and a branch full of sparrows. I’m sure that “for now” is hinting at more flag colors depending on how much the campaign makes, and with it almost being halfway to that last unlocked (that’s the sparrows at $15K) I have a feeling we’ll find out soon enough.

The Pride Flock Kickstarter is right here and will be live for 21 days. The expected delivery of the enamel pins to backers is April 2022 to allow for production. If you want to check out any of the other queer pins and art they’ve done, they’ve got a shop right here.

(Image: Gay Breakfast)

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