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Kentucky Congressmen Won’t Show Up To Town Halls, So Their Constituents Replaced Them With Literal Empty Suits

Today, constituents in Lexington, Kentucky held an "Empty Suits" town hall for Senator Rand Paul, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Representative Andy Barr (R-KY). All three congressmen received invitations at both their D.C. and Kentucky offices, but none of them showed up--so a trio of equally useful, literal empty suits went onstage in their stead.

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High School Student Asked to Kneel Before Principal to Have Her Dress Measured

In what is perhaps the most stunning case of irony (plus complete and utter grossness), a principal at Edmonson County High School in Kentucky forced a teenager to kneel in front of him in order to ascertain if she was in breach of school dress code.

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Mystery Surrounds Heartbreaking Death of 16-Year-Old Gynnya McMillen in a Juvenile Detention Center

In a case disturbingly similar to that of Sandra Bland, a young black girl was mysteriously found dead while being kept unsupervised and without a roommate in a juvenile detention center in Kentucky. Her name was Gynnya McMillen, and she was sixteen years old. No one seems to know what happened.

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Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Donates Taylor Swift Show Tickets to Big Brother Big Sister Program

The fraternity went ultra classy when they offered their complimentary tickets to a Taylor Swift concert to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bluegrass program.

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It’s So Cold That Kentucky Cops Put Out an Arrest Warrant For Frozen‘s Elsa


Normally I'd be all, "Aw, that's cute, look at this police department actually doing something fun and engaging with social media" But at the time of writing it is currently a higher temperature in McMurdo, Antartica than it is in New York City. So I am unironically with you, Harlan City Police Department. Incarceration is too good for this despicable traitor. Someone fetch Ilyn Payne!

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Jurors’ Facebook Friendship Casts Doubt on Murder Trial Decision

Exactly how strong is the bond between Facebook friends? The Kentucky Supreme Court thinks it might be enough to throw out the decision of a murder trial. Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Mary Noble ordered a hearing for two jurors who helped rule against 28 year-old Ross Brandon Sluss, who was sentenced to serve life in prison on charges of murder, assault, and evidence tampering, after finding that they had a previously-established Facebook friendship with the victim's mother.

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Mom-of-the-Year Trades Infant for a Truck

I've been meaning to see how much I could get for the pickup that's been sitting in my garage for the last few months. Well, if I drive over to Kentucky, I could get myself a baby. A couple from the Bluegrass State swapped their 1999 Dodge Dakota for a 6-month-old child. It turns out that the Kentucky authorities don't take too kindly to that sort of thing.

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Man Forced to Eat Own Beard

Some headlines just insist on being clicked. Kentucky NBC affiliate KSDK’s “Man says former friends cut off his beard and forced him to eat it” is just one of those headlines. It tells the harrowing story about a fight between four men over a lawnmower that almost ended in death but, fortunately, only ended in the loss and ingestion of a beard. >>>Video report at Mediaite.

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