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Impossibly Talented Comics Creator Kate Beaton Needs Your Help

Unfortunately, Beaton's current project isn't that fun. She's launched a YouCaring crowdfunding campaign to raise money for her sister, Becky Beaton, who is currently fighting cervical cancer. As we here on this site are passionate about both Beaton's art and women's health, this hits doubly hard.

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Interview: Jessica Johnston Launches “The Pushpin”—a Site Designed to Feed Our Comic Art Addiction

Have you ever come across an artist's work, in books, on comics pages, or online, and wished that you could "have a print of that" or "hang that on your wall?" Well, former journalist and current proprietress of Papergirl Press, Jessica Johnston, is here to answer your prayers with her new endeavor, The Pushpin, which just launched TODAY!

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Things We Saw Today: Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Pharrell Freak Out As David Blaine Performs His Ice Pick Trick

This might be really wrong of me, but there's nothing more fun than watching seemingly together, serious, grown-ass adults completely freak out like babies.

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Kate Beaton Is Over Tandy’s ‘Tit Windows’ in Cloak and Dagger

I was really excited when Freeform announced they are adapting Marvel's Cloak and Dagger as a live-action TV show. However, there's at least one person out there who's a little wary. Step Aside, Pops' Kate Beaton's response to the news of a Cloak and Dagger series was a hilarious Twitter tirade about "tit windows."

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Exclusive Cover Reveal and Interview: Ryan North’s Romeo and/or Juliet

Imagine my extra extra excitement when I find out I can bug Ryan North with a question about Romeo + Juliet—you know, that one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes? You know the one I mean. Yeah.

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The Mary Sue Holiday 2015 Gift Guide, Part 1: Books!

It's that time of year again! Listed here are some great books to pick up for nerdy, feminist friends and family (or, you know, maybe even yourself).

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Some of Comics’ Biggest Names Shout-Out Their Favorite Female Creators

We talk a lot 'round these parts about how comics have a long way to go before there's gender parity in the industry. However, we also love celebrating the women who are and have been working in the medium.

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Step Aside, Pops Review: Kate Beaton’s Here (and She’s Darn Funny)

Kate Beaton, darn her, caused inadvertent laughter to actually escape my throat. It startled my wife into asking what was wrong—fortunately, nothing more than that there was something hilarious on the page. I immediately turned the book around and said, “This! Read this!” (impossibly, from across the room).

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Cuteness: Kate Beaton and Guillermo del Toro Geek Out Over Each Others’ Work

This tweet exchange is sweet enough to warm the most cynical of pop-culture hardened hearts. Or give you cavities. I'm not sure yet.

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Giveaway: Kate Beaton’s The Princess and the Pony Prize Pack

Hark! A Contest

Hark! A Vagrant author Kate Beaton's first-ever picture book, The Princess and the Pony, was released in stores yesterday, and to celebrate, we're giving away one "Small, Fat, and Mighty" Prize Pack!

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Ryan North’s To Be or Not to Be Turns Shakespearean Tragedy Into Shakespearean Hilarity

Alas, poor LOLrick. I knew him well.

If you've thought to yourself, "Hmm, I need more massacres and more humor in my life," you should probably speak to a doctor. Or maybe give Ryan North's Hamlet-based choose-your-own-adventure game, To Be or Not to Be a spin. Either way. Talk to someone about that.

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The Mary Sue Interview: Kate Beaton On Step Aside, Pops, Her Fantastically Feminist Follow-Up To Hark! A Vagrant

"You see me rollin up pops you step aside."

Kate Beaton took indie webcomics mainstream in the the most extreme way when Hark! A Vagrant dominated the New York Times Best Seller list (as it should have, for being so wonderfully rad). This fall, Beaton is heading back to the charts with her follow-up, Step Aside, Pops, which we already know is going to be great given the velocipedestrienne on the cover. Here's what she had to say about her latest work of art.

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Things We Saw Today: A New Book By Kate Beaton!!!!!

This is real life!!

Drawn & Quarterly is publishing the follow-up to Kate Beaton's wildly-successful Hark! A Vagrant! Step Aside, Pops even features our favorite sassy velocipedestrienne on the cover. (via LA Times)

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Kate Beaton Drew Today’s Google Doodle in Honor of Women’s Rights Activist Henrietta Edwards!

Hark! An inspiring woman.

Huzzah! Canada's Google Doodle today celebrates the 165th birthday of Henrietta Edwards, an activist who ensured women were recognized as persons under Canadian law. During her lifetime, Edwards also established Canada's first YWCA, co-founded the Victorian Order of Nurses, wrote two books on women's rights, established the National Council of Women, studied law, and was active in prison reform. Phew.

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#FollowFriday: Kate Beaton (@beatonna)

WHO IS EXCITED FOR PARTY TIMES? (I am excited for party times)

Wow, is it Friday already? Time flies when you're gorging yourself on holiday treats and trying to ignore your family's questions about your personal life. Speaking of which, the person we think you should be following on Twitter this time is Kate Beaton, whose recent family comics have been the highlight of our week.

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The Mary Sue’s Holiday Gift Guide: Geek Chic Clothing

It is a gift!

In our previous two 2013 holiday gift guides, we recommended some great art and a slew of interesting books. Now it's time to dress up your loved ones in fabulous geek chic! We've got new licensed merchandise to show you, featured artists' items, superhero duds, and more!

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Black Canary Goes to a Concert, a Kate Beaton Story

Elsewhere on the internet

We thought you'd like to know that Hark! A Vagrant updated, and that it's a comic about what happens when Black Canary trails a crook into a concert and discovers a new musical calling. Previously in Hark! A Vagrant

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40 Webcomics You Need to Read

Power Grid

Comics are wonderful, visual ways of getting a story across, and it goes without saying that we at The Mary Sue love them. But as wonderful as they are, grabbing issue after issue can add up. And yet the desire for more comics persists. Luckily there are plenty of creative, engaging, funny, complex—and free!—stories and gag strips out there for those of us who need our dose of sequential art. You just have to know where to look. Enter the Internet.

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Things We Saw Today: First Thor Poster

Things We Saw Today

"It's rare that you have a poster that is just Chris Hemsworth shooting on the set," said Marvel president of production Kevin Feige. "But he just looks like Thor. We just put in some lightning, and he's got his hammer and you're there." Duh, because Hemsworth IS Thor. (via USA Today)

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Scientific Sleuthery Confirms the Identity of Richard III’s Remains

Our Adorable Past

DNA tests have confirmed "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the remains found last year underneath a parking lot in Leicester do in fact belong to Richard III, the notorious hunchback/(possible) nephew-killer and last English king to die in battle. He was also the subject of Shakespeare's Richard III and, more amusingly (not that Richard III didn't have its moments), a pair of Kate Beaton history comics.

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