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iTunes Could Delete Your Music Library, But Apple Doesn’t Know What’s Causing The Problem

Apple users are complaining that a bug in the iTunes software is causing their entire music libraries to get erased--but while the company has said it is going to be releasing an update to the app in order to try and combat the problem, it doesn't appear as though Apple has any idea what's really causing the issue.

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There’s a Chance That Apple Music Could Erase All Your Music Files. Uh … Yikes?

So, Apple Music May Accidentally Erase Your Music Files

Apple Music has received a lukewarm reception since its launch last year, with users complaining about the fact that the service attempts to delete all "duplicate" music files, which can often translate into false positives. But what if the service also deleted all your files? That, apparently, can happen. Sometimes. Maybe.

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Things We Saw Today: Feminist Bond Girl

"You're right! I'm a doctor! I can do anything I want!"

YouTuber Scotch Moses does a hilarious job of showing us James Bond's true (ie: misogynistic) nature in "Feminist Bond Girl." Check it out! Then, go save the world.

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HBO Now Streaming Service to Launch Exclusively Through Apple, iTunes Releases New Season 5 Game of Thrones Trailer

iRon throne?

Depending where you fall on the Venn diagram of Game of Thrones and Apple fans, it may be time to get hype: at an Apple event earlier today the company announced it will be partnering exclusively with HBO Now when the $15 streaming service launches at the beginning of April, allowing members with any Apple product to watch Game of Thrones by the series' April 12th premiere date.

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Apple Caved and Gave iTunes Users a Way to Delete Their Free U2 Album


iTunes users were none too happy to find that Apple's free gift U2 album was inserted into their music library without their permission. "What if I'm at a judgmental hipster party and U2 comes on shuffle?! I'll be humiliated!" They cried. So, Apple has introduced a way to permanently delete the album from your iTunes account if simply hiding it just isn't enough for you.

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101 Things We Wish Apple Gave Us Instead of That U2 Album and How to Get Rid of It

They still haven't found what we're looking for.

Who knew Apple would be the ones to really damage their "virus-free" claims? Somehow, through some magic called "the cloud" and "business deals involving lots of money," an unwanted U2 album has worked its way onto your phone! Don't worry, there's a way to get rid of it, and we have some suggestions for what Apple could give us instead.

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Those Missing Doctor Who Episodes Might Be Coming to iTunes This Week [Rumor]

You'd think that the BBC would be announcing this with trumpeting heralds.

Another day, another rumor about those missing first and second doctor-era Who episodes that may or may not been sitting in a BBC Ethopia storage facility for the past forty-or-so years. Except if the Radio Times is to be believed, they might be coming to iTunes on Wednesday. Yeah, this Wednesday. Huh what now?

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Would You Like To Stream Some Daft Punk With Your Internet Today? Because You Can

Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories drops next week, or you can just listen to it now. It's leaked online, and you can even stream it through iTunes. A few short clips and fake files have been floating around the Internet for weeks now, but this one is iTunes official, so it's probably legit.

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Twitter Launches Music Service That Sort of Works, Ignores Android Completely

Twitter launched it's recently rumored music service today! Twitter #Music was announced this morning on Good Morning America, and comes in the form of an iOS app and web service. Notably absent is an Android version of Twitter #Music, so I'll focus on the web service which at the moment seems buggy and not fully formed.

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You Can Listen to All the Grand Theft Auto Radio Stations on Spotify and iTunes

With the anticipation and excitement for Grand Theft Auto V reaching new levels daily, it's a wonder that it took this long, but it's finally happened: Rockstar's released playlists of all the Grand Theft Auto radio stations on Spotify and iTunes, starting with Grand Theft Auto III and even including handheld games like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

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Knock it Off: Patent Trolls Now Targeting Podcasters

Patent trolls have been a problem in the tech industry for years, but now they're branching out and trying to ruin more things. A company called Personal Audio is waving around an incredibly vague patent that it claims virtually every podcast on the Internet is violating. They've already gone after some big names in podcasting like Adam Corolla, and they pose a serious threat to the medium.

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You Can Watch The Last 3 Episodes Of Downton Abbey Early Thanks To iTunes

Good News Everyone!

If you were annoyed at having to wait three months for Downton Abbey Season 3 to hit PBS, you're going to love this news. Apple is set to offer the final three episodes of the season before they air. Could this work for other shows?

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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution and Train for the Zombie Apocalypse With RunKeeper 3.0

With the new year hours away, a lot of us are realizing how gross and out of shape we are after weeks of holiday eating. We're also realizing just how easy it would be for zombies to get us when the inevitable outbreak occurs. Whether you just want to work off some extra holiday weight, or want to stay in fighting shape to keep the shambling undead from munching on your brains, RunKeeper just released new version 3.0 to track your fitness progress and help you meet your goals. Cardio is rule #1 in Zombieland for a reason, people.

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Russian Version of iTunes Overrun With Porn

For years Apple has really gone out of their way to try to prevent porn from tainting their products, so it's almost karmic that the launch of iTunes in Russia has been plagued with links to pornography and escort services. It's very unlikely that Apple has somehow relaxed their policy on adult content to this extent, and the mistake has already been explained by a bug. Sorry, Russia. You'll just have to get porn on almost every single other site on the Internet, just like the rest of the world.

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Yippee-Ki-Yay, Music Downloaders: Bruce Willis Apparently Wants to Sue Apple Over iTunes Collection

In what will surely turn into a legal bloodbath should it ever actually happen, Bruce Willis is supposedly looking to take Apple to court over who owns the rights to his huge music collection. You see, when folks buy music via iTunes -- or nearly any other digital distributor -- they're not actually purchasing something that they can then hand off. In most cases, they're purchasing a license for personal use. It gets worse: These licenses are typically nontransferable.

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Crowdsourced Erotic Novel Hits #4 On iTunes, Trolls

Brian Brushwood and Justin Young, hosts of the NSFW podcast, have a $0.99 novel at #4 on the iTunes Top Paid Books chart, and they didn't even have to write a single word of it. The secret to their publishing success is incredibly simple, and truly depressing.

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Rumor: Apple to Kill Off Its Homegrown Social Network Ping in Next iTunes Version

Hey guys, remember Ping? The social network Apple baked right into iTunes and debuted in 2010? Well, now it seems that Apple has grown weary of investing its energies into something that has failed to resonate with the general public. Word on the street is that Ping's days are numbered.

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According to iTunes, “Jailbreak” is a Dirty Word

Over on iTunes, "jailbreak" has apparently become so reviled that Apple has removed most references to the word. Its offensive powers have been curtailed by reducing the word to "j*******k" and has joined such classics as "f**k" and "s**t" as words unspeakable on iTunes. It's also likely to set a record for the use of amount of asterisks in a single word.

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It’s Not Just You: Many People Are Cutting Their Cable Loose In Favor of Streaming (Legal and Otherwise)

And So It Begins

If you have found yourself making the decision to dump your cable company and just see what's available online, you are part of a growing TV audience that is moving further and further away from conventional cable. About 1.5 million households canceled their cable subscriptions in 2011, which is a small but significant drop in the cable-viewing audience. Instead, these defectors are moving on to online streaming on sites like Hulu (for now, at least), Netflix, iTunes, and other -- ahem -- less legal venues. Some say it's a direct result of the recession, and cable companies might want to do a little soul-searching to retain -- and regain -- their audiences.

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Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Double Billing and Refusing Refunds

Everybody makes mistakes, and Apple is no different. Occasionally, it seems as if they'll accidentally charge customers who buy something through iTunes twice for the same download. That's what happened to Robert Herskowitz. That would be fine, however, if Apple just fessed up and refunded him for the second download. They're refusing, however, which is why Herskowitz is filing a class action lawsuit.

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