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Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out About Nude Photo Hack: “It Was So Unbelievably Violating”

Three years ago Jennifer Lawrence and several other women were victims of a massive hacking in which a piece of shit posted hundreds of nude pictures for the world to see.

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Odin’s Beard, I Love Watching This Doofy Mjolnir Drone Learn to Fly

YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced, whose stated goal is to "make pretend things into real things!" has given us two magical gifts of engineering: the most epic version of a real-life Mjolnir, and the most lovably inept.

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Maybe We Should Be Afraid of Murderous Sex Robots, But I Am Instead Intrigued

The next frontier in internet-of-things hacking is apparently sex robots.

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How Hard Is it to Hack a Voting Machine? DEF CON Hackers Prove: Not Very

This weekend, tens of thousands of hackers gathered at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas for DEF CON, the annual hacker convention. This year's convention introduced a timely challenge for attendees. About two dozen electronic voting machines were set up, inviting hackers to see just how difficult they are to infiltrate. The answer: not very.

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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Hacker Holds S5 of Orange Is the New Black Hostage For Netflix Ransom

Well, that's one way to try and get ransom money. A hacker that calls themselves (no joke) The Dark Lord has stolen the upcoming fifth season of the Netflix drama Orange Is the New Black and is threatening leaking it online ahead of its premiere for money.

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Things We Saw Today: Natalie Dormer on Voice Acting in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Be still, my heart.

Natalie Dormer is a wonderful actress, simply put, and it's exciting to see her expanding her horizons into video game voice acting.

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Yahoo Announces 1 Billion User Accounts Affected by Data Breach—Yes, Another One

A sequel that is truly bigger but not better.

Back in September, Yahoo revealed that they—and their users—been the victims of a large-scale data breach of some 500 million users, which occurred way back in 2014. Now, they're warning users of another security breach from August 2013, which they believe to be a completely separate instance affected as many as one billion users. If we keep up this pattern, we may eventually uncover a data breach from the time period when people actually used Yahoo.

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So, This Seems Bad: The FBI Now Has Even More Authority to Hack You

Worried about the surveillance state? Well, it's time to worry even more. I'm sorry. This is bad news.

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Things We Saw Today: Ugh, Fake Geek Guys

Jill Pantozzi, TMS' erstwhile Editor-in-Chief, tweeted about an incredible /r/relationships post that can really only be summed up exactly how you see it on her tweet.

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FBI is Reportedly Investigating the Leslie Jones Hack, Which Still Reeks of Racism and Sexism


By now, you’ve heard the awful story of how hackers infiltrated Leslie Jones’ website to post her nude photos as well as pictures of her private documents. Now, it looks like the FBI is investigating the situation.

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Leslie Jones’ Website Hacked and Personal Info and Nude Photos Revealed, Because Racism and Sexism Still Exist

Because it wasn't enough for people to fling racist and sexist tweets at Leslie Jones via Twitter as Ghostbusters opened. Now, someone has managed to not only hack her website, but they've obtained personal information and private photos, flooding the site with them. What the hell is wrong with you, Internet? Oh, racism and sexism. Right. That's what's wrong with you.

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Sorry, Touch ID Fans! Here’s Why Passcodes Are Better Than Fingerprints

Do you use your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone or laptop? Not all devices have this capability, but for those that do, it feels fun and futuristic to use it. But some theorize that it's less secure than using a passcode.

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Facebook Awards 10-Year-Old $10K for Exposing Instagram Security Flaw

Facebook Gives 10yo $10K for Finding Instagram Bug

Happy birthday! Are you one? *Throws $1,000.* Are you two? *Throws $1,000.* Are you— Anyway, yes, a ten-year-old kid exposed a security flaw in Instagram, and Facebook (which owns Instagram, in case you were not aware), rewarded the child’s ingenuity with literally $1,000 for every year he’s spent on Earth/getting smart enough to find bugs […]

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Now You Get to Worry About Someone Hacking Your Car’s Operating System

Thanks, technology!

Owning a car can introduce a lot of worry into your life: what if someone breaks into it? What if something goes wrong, resulting in expensive repairs? Well, pretty soon, you're going to have the pleasure of worrying about installing an anti-virus system on your car's operating system so as to prevent hackers and malware from interfering.

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U.S. Department of Defense Invites Everyone to “Hack the Pentagon,” Expose Security Flaws for Money

Hack the planet Pentagon.

The Pentagon is now accepting applications for hackers to attempt to find their security flaws, likely leading to a showdown with Fisher Stevens—or a paycheck, actually. Don't worry, though. They've put a number of protections in place to make sure only hackers of the most altruistic variety get involved and nothing bad happens.

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Privacy Rights for the Deceased: Do You Want Your Family To Unlock Your Phone When You Die?

If you want your family to be able to unlock your iPhone when you die, you should probably tell someone the password now, because Apple probably won't.

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The FBI Has a New “Possible Method” to Unlock iPhones, Postpones Apple Trial

Less than 24 hours before today's hearing between the FBI and Apple, the FBI asked to postpone until April 5th, explaining that "an outside party demonstrated to the FBI a possible method" for unlocking the iPhone. In other words, the FBI may no longer need Apple's help in developing this hypothetical backdoor.

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The Feds Caught the Guy Behind 2014’s Celebrity Nude Photo Hacking Incident

Remember that massive celebrity nude-photo leak that happened in 2014, affecting tons of celebrities? Of course you remember. The entire internet remembers! Well, the feds have officially caught the guy responsible for orchestrating the "phishing" scheme that resulted in the theft of those photos.

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Government Invites Hackers to Try to Hack the Gibson–er, Pentagon

Provided you can pass a background check, the federal government wants you to do something that they've never asked the public to do before: hack the Pentagon.

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Hacker Faces up to Five Years in Prison for Illegally Obtaining Nude Celebrity Photos

Andrew Helton, the hacker who obtained nude celebrity photos through a phishing scheme, has just plead guilty to his crimes. His felony could earn him up to five years in prison.

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