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Are Snapchat’s New “Spectacles” Going to Make Surveillance Cool, At Last?

Snapchat's latest concept will remind you of Google Glass, but that's the last thing they want.

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FKA twigs Directed And Starred In This Concept Film Advertisement For Google Glass

Stop trying to make Google Glass happen.

Google got super-wicked-cool artist FKA twigs to star in and direct this "concept film" showing off Google Glass and what it can do. Google Glass is both featured in and used to create the film. Which, yeah, no one's ever used Google Glass to create a wacky art film before, so that's cool. But also, will Google Glass ever be cool? Not even FKA twigs can make it look cool, and she's, like, the coolest person on the planet right now.

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San Diego Comic-Con Emails Important Information To Ticket Holders, Includes The Words “Anti Harassment Policy”

San Diego Comic-Con sent out an email to attendees yesterday with the subject line "Important information for attending Comic-Con International 2014" and the second item down is "Code of Conduct/Anti Harassment Policy." That's the good news - but there's also some bad news.

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Alamo Drafthouse Officially Bans Google Glass From All Theaters

Movies: 1 | Glass: 0.

Still unnerved by the idea of people wearing Google Glass everywhere? If you live in Texas, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Virginia, or in New York City, there's now a place you can go to get away from all that wearable tech: the Alamo Drafthouse.

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Google Glass Available Today For One Day Only

I knew that Blood Moon mean bad news.

I can think of cooler ways to lose friends and alienate people, but if you really, really want to get your hands on a pair of Google Glass before everyone else, a 24 hour window to apply for a spot as a Glass Explorer began at 9 am ET today. If you're not reading this through a computer on your face, then you have some work to do.

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Can Google Glass Solve Privacy Problems With This New Augmented Reality Browser?

It will also tell you who else is wearing Google Glass, so you know not to talk to them.

It's no secret that the government is creepily watching you all the time, like that weird dude who was really into you in high school. Many people think Google Glass won't help the matter (cameras on you 24/7?) - but this new augmented reality browser for the Glass might actually solve your privacy problems, instead of exacerbating them.

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New Smartshoes Act as Compass for the Visually Impaired

Sorry, DOGS.

Lechal shoes are a perfect demonstration that wearable technology isn't just for Google Glass elite—these miraculous smartshoes will help the visually impaired navigate city streets for fifty dollars or less (smartphone not included.)

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Google Literally Tells Glass Explorers Not to Be “Glassholes” in New Guidelines

Stay classy, Google.

Google has a tough job in making Google glass appeal to the masses. People have all kinds of fears about privacy and looking like a dork, because the only person to ever successfully pull off computerized eyewear is LeVar Burton. To help Glass's image, they've sent out a set of guidelines to teach their Explorers not to be "Glassholes."

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Google Glass Valentines Day Proposal Video Is Romantic, Awful

Hey four eyes, wanna get hitched?

This week the good folks at Google decided to capitalize on Valentines Day, with a compilation video of Google Glass "explorers" popping the question. The result is manipulative, weird, creepy, sweet, and probably not an effective advertisement. It also answers the question: can you kiss wearing Google's latest technology? (Yes, but awkwardly.)

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Some Guy Got Detained by the FBI Homeland Security for Watching a Movie Wearing Prescription Google Glass [Updated]

Some people don't get how movie piracy works, and those are the people who care about movie piracy.

Last weekend, a man in Columbus, Ohio went to go see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with his wife and, in an ironic twist, ended up being interrogated by the FBI Department of Homeland Security for an hour instead. The reason? He was wearing Google Glass.

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18-Year-Old Uses Google Glass to Combat Autism, Rest of World Feels Inadequate

Am I the only one whose sick of these brilliant, good-hearted kids making us twenty-somethings look bad?

Since the first announcement of Google Glass, it's been a goldmine for comedians (and wannabe-comedians) everywhere. But while many of us were busy mocking this latest tech, one teenager conceived of a way to use it to help those suffering from autism -- by creating a program to recognize expressions and emotion.

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Final Price for Google Glass Rumored at Less Than $300

Even at $300, is it worth the money?

We're more than a little intrigued with Google Glass, but now that it's out in the wild and we've seen what it really can -- and can't -- do, we've wondered if it's worth the money. Developers paid $1,500 for their early versions, but the final price for the wearable tech could be much less.

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San Francisco Craigslist Missed Connection About Google Glass Warms Our Cold, Dead Hearts

Our hearts are often warmed by threats of violence.

The Run the Jewels show the other night in San Francisco was apparently pretty great -- except one concertgoer found herself distracted by the guy she saw wearing Google Glass. So she decided to let him know with the above Missed Connection post, and the rest of the Internet is better for it.

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Google Glass Porn Now a Thing That Exists, Here is the Obviously NSFW Trailer [Video]

Well what did you think was going to happen?

Android porn app developer MiKandi tried to make a porn app for Google Glass. It didn't take long for Google to change their rules to prevent it, but Google couldn't stop them from hiring porn stars to don the wearable technology and, well, do what porn stars do, and that's exactly what happened. What would a porn shot with Glass look like? The trailer is a good indication without showing any actual porn, though the language is still pretty filthy and there's a lot of moaning, so remember -- NSFW.

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OK Glass, Film This Idiot Getting Arrested: First Arrest Video Filmed With Google Glass

If you had "drunk shirtless guy in Jersey" in your office "First Google Glass Arrest Video" pool, you win!

Chris Barrett, an early adopter of Google Glass, caught some video of an arrest at the Jersey shore on the Fourth of July that he claims is the "first fight & arrest caught on Glass." In the description of the video he states, "This video is proof that Google Glass will change citizen journalism forever." With everyone already carrying around a smartphone, is Glass really that big of a jump?

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Conan Shares Intimate Moment With Google Glass [Video]

Somewhere in an alternate universe, Emma Stone's character from Crazy Stupid Love is super jealous.

Have you ever wanted to know what the inside of  Conan O'Brien's mouth looks like? Jeremy Hofferman knows firsthand, and thanks to his Google Glass, now so do all of us. Hofferman was waiting for an E3 panel when the talk show host walked by, presumably there to film segments for his show (does this mean we're going to get a Clueless Gamer at E3? Let's hope so!). Conan noticed the Google Glass, jokingly suggested that they make out, and the rest is Internet history. Speaking of which, I wonder how many make outs start out as jokes? Probably at least a fifth of them, I bet.

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Google Glass Puts Kibosh on Porn Apps, Disappoints Perverts Worldwide

The Internet may be for porn, but Google Glass is only being developed for good, wholesome web-surfing, according to a policy update from Google.

In news that will no doubt come as a blow to many of the Internet's more sex-crazed denizens, developers for Google have 86ed pornographic apps for Google Glass in an update of its policies earlier this week. We can all sleep easier knowing that the guy on the bus is not looking at people's naughty bits, but narcissistically checking his Facebook feed, which is more noble and dignified than watching a skin flick...for reasons that I'm sure I will think of eventually.

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Google Glass Just Got a Little Less Creepy, It Won’t Recognize Faces

Google announced that it won't be accepting apps for Glass that recognize faces -- at least not yet.

If you're creeped-out by the idea of someone wearing Google Glass being able to instantly pull up information about you just from your face, then you might be glad to hear that isn't happening. At least not yet. Google announced Friday that it would not be accepting apps that make use of facial recognition as a way of addressing privacy concerns. So that's it then, right? Are everyone's concerns settled? It's not that simple, Google.

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New Google Glass App Hopes to Be Being John Malkovich for Porn

No one's surprised to see Google Glass being used for porn, but how it's being used for porn is a little surprising.

Google Glass has raised some interesting questions of etiquette. When is it rude to wear a camera on your face? What are acceptable uses for the wearable technology in public? One thing I think everyone can agree on is that watching porn in public makes you a creep, but that doesn't mean it won't be an option for Glass users. There's obviously already a porn app for Glass.

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Watch Google I/O 2013 Conference Live With Us Today [Live Stream]

Google's I/O developers conference goes live from San Francisco later this afternoon. If you want to know what the company has planned for the coming year -- and let's face it, you totally do, because whether you like it or hate it, it's going to have a lot of impact -- you're going to want to be tuned in, and we've got you covered with the live stream starting at noon ET/9am PT today. 

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