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San Francisco Craigslist Missed Connection About Google Glass Warms Our Cold, Dead Hearts

Our hearts are often warmed by threats of violence.

google glass missed connection

The Run the Jewels show the other night in San Francisco was apparently pretty great — except one concertgoer found herself distracted by the guy she saw wearing Google Glass. So she decided to let him know with the above Missed Connection post, and the rest of the Internet is better for it.

I’m convinced that entire undergraduate theses could be written on this woman’s gift for derisive language. After reading this, we spent all afternoon calling each other “nerd-touchers” and threatening to spank each other’s faces. And still there’s so many mysteries to solve! Who was this “fuckin’ idiot bougie?” Was she mad at him solely on the basis of his use of Google Glass, or did she stumble upon him literally groping nerds without their consent? We may never know.

(Craigslist via Mike Sacco)

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