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Can Google Glass Solve Privacy Problems With This New Augmented Reality Browser?

It will also tell you who else is wearing Google Glass, so you know not to talk to them.


It’s no secret that the government is creepily watching you all the time, like that weird dude who was really into you in high school. Many people think Google Glass won’t help the matter (cameras on you 24/7?) – but this new augmented reality browser for the Glass might actually solve your privacy problems, instead of exacerbating them.

Sander Veenhof, the same guy who made that excellent augmented-reality version of Pong we told you about a while back, has come up with a Google Glass browser add-on that alerts you to privacy threats around you. The program points out any cameras or other tracking technology in your vicinity – including other people wearing Google Glass. Depending on what you deem “safe zones,” this browser can tell you when there are eyes on you, and when there aren’t.

Here’s a video of the augmented reality browser in action:

So I guess the solution to the Google Glass privacy problem is to… buy a Google Glass? I did not see that one coming.

(via Sander Veenhof, image via YouTube)

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