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Google Glass Valentines Day Proposal Video Is Romantic, Awful

Hey four eyes, wanna get hitched?



This week the good folks at Google decided to capitalize on Valentines Day, with a compilation video of Google Glass “Explorers” popping the question. The result is manipulative, weird, creepy, sweet, and probably not an effective advertisement. It also answers the question: can you kiss wearing Google’s latest technology? (Yes, but awkwardly.)

On their youtube channel, Google Glass had this to say about the motion-sickness inducing compilation of happy-crying:

The beauty of Glass is that it allows us to capture important moments both big and small. It’s not about technology, it’s about the people who use it. Congrats to all our betrothed Explorers in this film, and thank you for sharing your special moment.

I definitely didn’t have as strong a negative reaction to the video as others apparently did, judging from multiple Youtube comments begging the newly-betrothed “not to procreate.” I just don’t think the compilation is an effective commercial for anything, really, including love.

I initially thought that the proposals had to be staged–what couples casually sport Google Glasses while hiking together or playing with their dogs? How could the proposal in a room full of creepy Google Glass wearers have happened organically?

For what it’s worth, many of the comments on Youtube are from people actually claiming to know the couples, with  Justin Volzer saying he witnessed the  “I’m about to be foolish” proposal take place at a Google Glass Event in Atlanta.

Regardless of the proposals’ validity, I’d say that if you’re going to record one of the most important moments of your life, don’t use this technology. The compilation’s footage is rocky, blurry, and generally bad, and the glasses are still ridiculously dorky too. Is this really what you want your space-pod children to see when you show them Grandma and Grandpa’s engagement video from the comfort of your hovercraft? Two dorks brought together by their passion for ridiculously ugly eyewear?

Besides, love is all a sham and marriage is just a construct created by the patriarchy. Now I’m going to go watch this video again and hope my Google Glasses don’t fog up from the tears this time.

(via Gizmodo, images via Ted Eytan)


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