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On Intentionally Using Glitches in Art and the Nature of Beauty [Video]

Sure, Michelangelo's David is great -- but what about Missingno's David?

Most people don't think the weird pixelated mess you get from a faulty SNES game can be art -- but then again, most people don't think an upside-down urinal is art either, and that didn't stop Duchamp. If you're interested in the artistic capabilities of "grain on fuzz on noise on grain," as Mike Rugnetta puts it, then you need to check out the latest PBS Idea Channel video.

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The Newest Version of Android Dislikes The Holidays, Doesn’t Include December

The end of the year can a be a very lonely time for a smartphone. When the holidays roll around, people tend to get together with their families and speak to each other in person, so the phones just sit there in their owners' pockets or on a table somewhere. Well, after years of abuse, Android-based phones have decided they aren't going to take it anymore. As a sign of protest, (or because of unforeseen bug) Android Jelly Bean 4.2 skips the month of December, 2012 in certain apps.

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Death Knight’s Plague Rips The World of Warcraft to Shreds

A bug in World of Warcraft allowed Death Knight players to cast plagues on friendly characters, triggering untold levels of destruction in Azeroth on Friday night. Players looking to enjoy a regular raiding, looting, questing session of WoW may have been met with a rude awakening when they logged on to find that whole towns of players and NPCs had been turned into piles of bones.

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Octodad Is Even Weirder When It Is Glitching [Video]

The hilarious Octodad, a game where you pose as an octopus who is posing as a human husband to a human wife and a human father to human children, is extremely creepy if you can move beyond how funny it all is. The game has a sequel, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, which is scheduled to release sometime in 2013. Not to keep us waiting without secret octopus updates, the team released a video containing animation and physics glitches during the game's development. If you thought an octopus pretending to be a human father was creepy to begin with, wait until you watch this thing.

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Paypal Glitch Charges OS X Lion Buyer for 122 Purchases, Reports of Others Experiencing the Glitch

John Christman experienced a fairly inconvenient glitch when he purchased OS X Lion using Paypal: He was charged an extra 121 purchases of the operating system that he did not actually make. Including the intentional purchase, Christman was charged a grand total of $3,878.40, even though he only meant to spend the $31.79 one copy of OS X Lion costs. He claims Apple blames Paypal for the error and Paypal blames Apple.

He has a theory as to what caused the glitch, and feels it is a new feature that allows iTunes to automatically download previous purchases:

I fresh installed Lion, because the upgrade caused a lot of problems. My system needed as fresh start anyway.

I logged into our developer account and got the latest iTunes Beta, and installed it. iTunes has a cool new feature to download all your purchased apps for you. I clicked download all. As each download started it charged me $31.79. Some apps came fast, some took longer, but the timing was directly related to when a new app started to download.

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Floating Apple Glitch Hilariously Ruins Call of Duty: Black Ops [Video]

Call of Duty: Black Ops released the other day and also happened to set a record for the most ever pre-orders at GameStop. What those unsuspecting, dedicated Call of Duty fans found once they brought their game home, however, was something that ended up to quite possibly be the most game-breaking glitch in video games to date. Behold: The floating apple!

As the demonstrator of the glitch explains, "This is the most overpowered thing in the game, because it doesn't even adhere to the laws of gravity." He goes on to pose a philosophical conundrum: Could there be anything more overpowered than a floating apple?

I just don't know, random Call of Duty player. I just don't know.

(via Kotaku)

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For Sale: House, White; 55,000 Sqare Feet, 5 Bedrooms, 35 Baths

Here's your amusing computer glitch of the day: Real estate listing website aggregated an example listing from, and thus appeared to be offering the White House for sale.  By the owner. Yes, that White House.

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