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For Sale: House, White; 55,000 Sqare Feet, 5 Bedrooms, 35 Baths

Here’s your amusing computer glitch of the day:

Real estate listing website aggregated an example listing from, and thus appeared to be offering the White House for sale for $10 million. By the owner. Yes, that White House.

According to NBC:

Redfin has the executive lodging listed for $10 million. The 55,000 square-foot property has a price per square foot of $182.

Sadly, the listing on Redfin is no longer up.  But you can take a look at’s (labeled) example post, designed to give their users an idea of how to organize their house listing, right here.

Their description is full of gems:

First built in 1792, this home has been extensively remodeled many times: after a fire in 1812, with new plumbing in 1912, new balconies in 1948 and an historic makeover in 1961.

With all the latest in security features as well as convenience. Hold full briefings for the press indoors or outside in a lovely rose garden. Need some privacy? Nap time has never been so secure as in your own private war room.

43 different residents over the years ( some longer than others ) each leaving a distinctive mark and some lovely furniture. Great for a young family.

Obviously, the White House is not actually for sale.  It’d takes a lot more than $10 million to call that place home, anyway.

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