On Intentionally Using Glitches in Art and the Nature of Beauty [Video]

Sure, Michelangelo's David is great -- but what about Missingno's David?
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Most people don’t think the weird pixelated mess you get from a faulty SNES game can be art — but then again, most people don’t think an upside-down urinal is art either, and that didn’t stop Duchamp. If you’re interested in the artistic capabilities of “grain on fuzz on noise on grain,” as Mike Rugnetta puts it, then you need to check out the latest PBS Idea Channel video.

On an related note: You see that face Mike Rugnetta’s making at 5:44? I need a GIF of that, please. If you make one just for me I will draw you a picture. Heck, I bet some of the The Mary Sue will pitch in and ink it or something. We all need that GIF.

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