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Things We Saw Today: Sign Up to Join the Pokémon GO! Field Test

Google and Niantic are looking for some beta testers (read: field testers) to test out Pokemon GO!

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“The Incredible Spill Not” Is The Perfect Gift For The Klutz In Your Life

"May the centrifugal force be with you!"

Edmund Scientific claims to be very serious about science and fun, and since nothing is more un-fun than spilling a drink, they've invented The Incredible Spill Not, to keep the kitchen--or laboratory--clean on even your clumsiest of days.

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Want To Be The First Kid On The Block With Google Glass? Here’s Your Chance

Heads up, gadget geeks -- Google is opening the floodgates on Google Glass. Well, kind of, anyway. As of today, you can appeal directly to Google to tell them what cool things you would get up to with Google Glass wrapped around your head. Tell them on Twitter or Google+ why you'd be a great Google Glass guinea pig and just $1500 later, you could be the envy of all your friends while also never being more than a sideways glance away from checking your email.

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Report Suggests Kids Born Today Will Spend 25% Of Their Lives Looking At Screens

How much time do you spend staring at a screen  on a daily basis? Probably not as long as your kids will, if there's anything to a new study released today, which found that kids in the United Kingdom will spend an average of 1/4 of their lives watching a screen of some sort. If that seems a little low to you -- and it does to us -- keep in mind that number isn't counting hours spent at work, where watching videos of cats being cute or people hurting themselves or cute cats hurting people is most prevalent, meaning that the real hours spent watching a TV, computer or phone screen will register somewhere around "all of them."

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Jeans With Transparent Pocket to End Smartphone Troubles, Not Creepy

If you've ever wanted to text someone or play a game of Angry Birds but thought, "then I'd have to reach in my jeans and pull my phone out and that just isn't worth it to me," then I've got news for you, friend. Your pocket-related trials and tribulations are almost at an end. Alphyn Industries’ DELTA415 Wearcom jeans have a transparent pocket to store such devices in for ease of access. Gone are the days of having to stand just to get your phone.

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The Fastest Adopted Gadget of the Past 50 Years Isn’t the Cellphone, Or Even the Desktop PC

It's the boombox. The boombox. This startling revelation was brought to light in a paper in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research. The conclusion is the result of checking the overall level of adoption of a variety of new technologies by the 7th year of their existence. The numbers show that the boombox was number one. For a little context, not only did it beat out the cellphone and the desktop computer but also every other variety of mobile music devices, of which I think we can all agree, the boombox is by far the least efficient and the most annoying.

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Famous Gadget Wars of the Past and Present [Infographic]

Living in this age, we get the privilege of seeing tech companies go at each other with competing products -- video game consoles, media delivery formats, advertising campaigns, even conference appearances. Usually, nothing is better for the consumer than two companies going at it, since ultimately, the bottom line will be who has the better product for the consumer, whether that be decided by the actual tech of a product, or its cheap pricing. Gadget wars make the tech world go round, and what better way to celebrate tech warfare than with an infographic teaching you about famous tech wars? Grab your favorite smart phone, huddle by the warmth of your favorite video game console's exhaust, and use your obviously superior web browser of choice to head on past the jump to check out the full infographic.

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This Credit Card Turns Into a Knife

This lightweight knife takes the form of a credit card before being unleashed on unsuspecting ninjas. Cool, stealth, and no interest rates to bog you down! It's a knife you can keep in your wallet! It slices, it dices, it fools thieves into thinking they can buy something that slices and dices! No more tag lines? Okay.

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Burning Paper Effigies of Gadgets to Honor the Dead

In China as in much of East Asia, tradition has it that burning paper effigies of desired objects will bring comfort to those who have passed on in the afterlife. CNNGo reports on the trade of one Hong Kong shopkeeper named Au Yeung Ping Chi, who has revamped his father's effigy business to incorporate paper gadgets like Wiis, cameras, DDR machines, and iPhones, as well as luxury items like designer clothes and handbags.

Because the effigies have deep personal import for the families of the dead -- especially keeping in mind that many passed away at "tragically young" ages -- Au Yeung puts great effort into crafting effigies that may be burned almost as soon as they're bought.

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9 Coffee Gadgets that will Set Your Heart A-Flutter

Are you a daily drinker? A fine-bean connoisseur? Maybe you're anxiously awaiting the day that modern science finally develops the all-day coffee IV bag. Whatever your percolating persona, here are nine of the coolest, swankiest coffee makers and gadgets designed to keep you going on only four hours of sleep:

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