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“The Incredible Spill Not” Is The Perfect Gift For The Klutz In Your Life

"May the centrifugal force be with you!"


Edmund Scientific claims to be very serious about science and fun, and since nothing is more un-fun than spilling a drink, they’ve invented The Incredible Spill Not, to keep the kitchen–or laboratory–clean on even your clumsiest of days.

The Incredible Spill Not is currently available on Amazon for $12.95, and bills itself as being “perfect for boats” and a “demonstration of amazing physics,” which are my two main requirements for any purchase.

The deceptively simple device uses a flexible handle to prevent lateral acceleration to the cup, and has received 5-star praise on Amazon, including from one reviewer who claims the invention is ideal for elderly users who may have less steady hands.

Considering how cheap the Spill-Not is, I suggest that we all buy one and save ourselves hours of cleaning angst. We’ll just have to come up with something else to tell people not to cry over.

(via The Laughing Squid, image via The Incredible Spill Not)

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