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9 Coffee Gadgets that will Set Your Heart A-Flutter

Are you a daily drinker? A fine-bean connoisseur? Maybe you’re anxiously awaiting the day that modern science finally develops the all-day coffee IV bag. Whatever your percolating persona, here are nine of the coolest, swankiest coffee makers and gadgets designed to keep you going on only four hours of sleep:

1. The Chemex Glass Handle series

Although many coffee shops have been serving pour-over coffee for years, this method has recently garnered increased attention on the wings of the slow food movement. Like some of our other gadgets, the main benefit is the full-bodied flavor of the beans without the bitter sludge and residual grinds of other manual steeping methods. This one comes from Chemex.

2. Nespresso Essenza

The Nespresso Essenza is one of the highest rated capsule espresso machines on the market. It makes my list for the quick process and tasty result, but more importantly, the front piece reminds me of Gonzo.

3. Mypressi Twist

Ah, the Twist from Mypressi. Born out of honeymoon coffee cravings, the Twist uses pressure from 100% recyclable gas cartridges to create savory espresso from either grounds or ESE pods, even when there is no access to external power sources. Rejoice! You can finally take that trip to Amish Country without feeling groggy!

4. AeroPress

Air-pressure brewing is all the rage. On paper, this AeroPress is the ideal coffee machine: it extracts all of the flavor from the coffee beans (including the subtler notes of chocolate, nuts, fruit, etc), with a 20 second brewing time that reduces bitterness. Plus, this definitely looks like the most fun of the coffee makers. Cue nostalgia.

5. GSI Collapsible JavaDrip

In case you get caught in the woods and you want regular coffee instead of espresso, the GSI Collapsible JavaDrip is your go-to gadget.

6. Bodum Santos Stovetop

Science geeks, this one’s for you. In the Bodum Santos Stovetop coffee maker, the water is heated in the bottom component, and as pressure builds the water rises and mixes with the coffee grounds. When the ideal temperature of 94 degrees Celcius is reached, the pot is removed from the stovetop and the liquid descends back into the bottom carafe. All the flavor of a French press without the residual grinds at the bottom. And without the pricetag of the Clover.

7. Technivor MoccaMaster Thermal

While it’s a bit boxier than some of the sleeker models shown, the Technivor MoccaMaster Thermal has excellent temperature control, and is officially certified by the Specialty Coffee Associate of America for proper Auto Drip Brewing (10 grams of coffee for every 6 oz of water, and a few temperature specifications).

8. Ikea Produkt milk-frother

Go ahead, aerate that milk. It’s only $1.99.

9. Ikea Behovd Flask

Once you’ve brewed your perfect cup, you of course need a sleek, minimalist storage container. Which, of course, can be found at Ikea. You could even throw some tea in that bad boy, if you’re feeling edgy. Or geriatric.

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