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This Credit Card Turns Into a Knife

This lightweight knife takes the form of a credit card before being unleashed on unsuspecting ninjas. Cool, stealth, and no interest rates to bog you down! It’s a knife you can keep in your wallet! It slices, it dices, it fools thieves into thinking they can buy something that slices and dices! No more tag lines? Okay.

This James Bond goodness weighs 13 grams and is only 2 mm thick. The blade expands to 65 mm and is serrated on one side. So maybe don’t store it in your back pocket. Definitely don’t try to bring it on a plane. While it won’t be available in time for Christmas, this fancy, smooth blade from Iain Sinclair will sell at $23 (or £15) and start shipping in January, though you can put down a deposit in the meantime if you pre-order.

Here’s a quick demonstration:

(via OhGizmo!)

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