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Want To Be The First Kid On The Block With Google Glass? Here’s Your Chance

Heads up, gadget geeks — Google is opening the floodgates on Google Glass. Well, kind of, anyway. As of today, you can appeal directly to Google to tell them what cool things you would get up to with Google Glass wrapped around your head. Tell them on Twitter or Google+ why you’d be a great Google Glass guinea pig and just $1500 later, you could be the envy of all your friends while also never being more than a sideways glance away from checking your email.

Google Glass has already been available to developers, and there have been sightings of the tech in the wild, but this is the first time that members of the general public — well, members of the general public  with $1500 to blow, anyway — have been able to throw their hats in the ring to get a pair of the email checking, photo taking must-have gadget that will finally drive a stake into the heart of private life as we know it once and for all.

All you have to do is tell Google why you’d be a good candidate, which means making yourself sound more interesting than you really are. Pretend you’re like a professional windsurfer who also tutors inner city kids in… I dunno, theoretical physics or something. They eat that sort of thing up.

Whatever lie you go with, you can enter by posting a short essay — no longer than 50 words — on Google+ or just tweeting your argument for how awesome you are — just make sure to mark either entry #ifihadglass. The entries judged most deserving will be invited to pay Google $1500 — plus tax, of course — for the Explorer Edition of the new tech — also known as “really expensive beta.” And of course, you can supplement your entry with a couple of still photos or a short video, if you want.

If you like your odds and feel the compulsion to walk around with the Internet strapped to your face all the time, get a load of the official rules here, and good luck!

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