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The Latino Hero You Created Just Had to Have a Drug Cartel Past? You’re Killing Me, The Gifted.

I've been really excited for The Gifted, which premieres next week. I'm not even a huge X-Men fan, and yet every trailer has intrigued me. I'm digging the family approach, the fact that it's about parents protecting their children with newly-discovered mutant abilities from a world hostile against mutants. Yet there's one element (created specifically for the show, so there's no source material to blame) that dulls the luster of my excitement.

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New Clip for X-Men TV Spin-Off The Gifted Showcases Mutant Powers and Adolescent Angst

The Gifted will follow a family on the run after the children are found to be mutants, and a new clip shows the kids experimenting with their newfound abilities.

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Reviews for Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville Are In, and They Are…Not Good

Reviews for Seth MacFarlane's The Orville found the series' mix of earnest science fiction storylines and MacFarlane's characteristically glib humor to be...perplexing.

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You Wanted Batman? FINE. Gotham is Giving You Batman, Okay?!

I have a hate-love relationship with Gotham, in that I hated it after the pilot, but as it has leaned into what makes it, pardon the pun, bat-shit, it's become a much more enjoyable show. However, there's one complaint about it that has dogged it since the very beginning. How do you have a Batman show without Batman? Well, they're doing Batman now. You happy?

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Things We Saw Today: Guillermo del Toro’s Tequila Is Something Right Out of a del Toro Movie

“Tequila courses through the veins of my native land, Jalisco. It represents a communion between spirit and earth, steeped in time and tradition, and a source of pride that roots us and defines us both," the director writes.

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The Gifted Trailer Imagines A World Where the X-Men No Longer Exist

"Not the ones with resources, but the ones in the shadows"

The official Comic-Con trailer for The Gifted imagines what life would be like for young mutants in a world where the X-men and the Brotherhood no longer exist.

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Amy Acker Cast as a Mother of Mutants In Upcoming Marvel Pilot for FOX

We know that FX's Legion is quickly becoming a comic fan favorite, but we've also been keeping tabs on the other mutant-related TV show headed our way. FOX is currently working on a Marvel pilot. Because only one show about mutants is not enough.

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Fox Orders a Pilot For Another X-Men TV Show and It Sounds Kinda Cool

FX's Legion might not be the only X-Men show heading toward television.

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Harley Quinn Will Be Making Her Way to Fox’s Gotham This Season (But Will She and Ivy Be a Thing?!)

You can't keep a good girl (or a bad girl with a mallet) down. With her popularity skyrocketing thanks to her appearance in Suicide Squad and her popular solo comics title, Harley Quinn is finally coming to Fox's Gotham!

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Director Tim Miller Parts Ways With Ryan Reynolds Over Deadpool 2

Not all parting of the ways are unpleasant; Miller's split from the project was reportedly amicable. While Miller hadn't officially inked a deal, he had been working on the script and the expectation had been that he would return to direct the 2018 film.

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The Rocky Horror Remake Is Bafflingly Straight

Can't wait for that edgy Hot Topic merch.

That'll teach me to be optimistic.

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MLB Partners With New Show Pitch About First Female Pro Baseball Player — Getting Ready For Mo’Ne Davis?

Pitch is an intriguing new series starting this month on Fox, which features a black, female protagonist who also happens to be doing something groundbreaking — she is the first female baseball player in the major leagues. Fox and Major League Baseball have entered into a pact giving the show unprecedented access to the MLB for assistance on the show. Could it be that Major League Baseball is dipping a toe in the whole Women Playing Pro Baseball thing? Oh, the magic of TV!

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Kirstie Alley Joins the Cast of Scream Queens As Series Regular For Season Two

We know that new cast members John Stamos and Taylor Lautner will be joining Fox's Scream Queens for Season Two, thanks to the promo released last month. Now, we have another awesome addition to the cast. Kirstie Alley will be joining Stamos, Lautner, James Earl, and the show's returning cast as a series regular.

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Celebrate the Anniversary of The X-Files With Some Hilarious Bloopers

Because you can never have enough blooper reels.

23 years ago today, The X-Files premiered on Fox--and our desire to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials was never the same again.

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Fox Will Update the Story of King Arthur as a Police Procedural Drama … Wait, what?

Run away!

Strange things are happening in the King Arthur universe. Fox is reportedly giving the classic tale a modern twist.

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Gotham Showrunner Says Superheroes “Don’t Work Well on TV,” Forgets About CW Shows

Have you heard the news? Apparently, superheroes aren’t really suited for television. At least, that’s what Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller is saying.

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Watch Kids’ Astonished Reactions to the ‘World’s First Female MLB Player’ in Pitch

Grab the tissues.

Never in the history of Major League Baseball has a woman pitched in an official game. While we wait for such an event, Fox is exploring the groundbreaking possibility in their scripted series, Pitch.

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Doctors John Stamos and Taylor Lautner Are In (the Scream Queens Season 2 Promo)

I scream ... you scream ... WHY ARE WE ALL SCREAMING?!

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a second season of Scream Queens headed your way soon and they’re bringing in some reinforcements—John Stamos and Taylor Lautner.

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Lumberjanes Film Finds Its Director in Emily Carmichael

We've been so excited about the prospect of the Lumberjanes movie, despite the fact that the film has mostly male producers and a male writer (at least on the first draft), which was a bit disappointing to hear considering the feminism of the comic series. However, we've got some great news today about Fox's choice of director for the film.

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First Look at a Big Arrival on Season 3 of Gotham


Yes, Fox's Gotham is sometimes painful, but it often surprises me just enough to keep me just interested enough to check out what happens, if only to complain about it. And it looks like Gotham City is about to get a lot more preposterous. *SPOILER WARNING IF YOU WANT TO GO INTO NEXT SEASON PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW*

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