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Fox & Friends Talk About Women in Comics, and by Talk We Mean Get Everything Wrong

Is this even real? Or is it just like one big joke on us?

In a segment so pitch-perfect for FOX it must, surely, qualify as either self-parody or performance art, the folks at Fox & Friends recently had a discussion about female superheroes in comics, like the new “bustier” Thor, and Wonder Woman. From comparing Wonder Woman’s four-year-old pants-inclusive re-design to a burqa, to wondering if we are “wussifying” animated characters, this segment has it all.

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In addition to calling smoking “a symbol of freedom and masculinity in America,” and the standard false equivalence nonsense about how male comic book characters are dawn; we also get a lamentation over the need to “cram a female into every male version of a character.” But then; then this happens:

There’s no equivalency in the male world of Wonder Woman! There’s no Wonder Man! Well, there was a Wonder Man, but not really the same thing.

There’s no equivalency? Have you ever heard of, perhaps, every other superhero ever?

They also do complain about the fact that DC isn’t getting her own stand-alone film, so apparently this is something that every single person in America—regardless of political affiliation—an agree upon. It’s time for a Wonder Woman film. Can someone campaign on that point?

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