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There’s So Much to Process In these New Infinity War Pictures and Covers

It appears the marketing sprint to the movie has finally begun, kicking off with a flood of new pictures to accompany Entertainment Weekly's 15-cover spread. Yes, 15 covers. Shall we?

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“There’s a Lot of Sacrifice and a Lot of Suffering”: First Look at Sophie Turner as The Phoenix

While rumors have been swirling saying that Fox and Disney will be working on a deal, that doesn't stop the X-Men franchise from moving forward with its next film X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Entertainment Weekly released this firey cover and some exclusive first looks at the latest attempt to adapt the classic Chris Claremont story.

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Cry Over The New Mary Poppins Returns Photos With Me

New photos from Entertainment Weekly give us a look at scenes with the amazing cast that includes Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, and Meryl Streep.

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It’s Halloween in New Stranger Things Season 2 Image

The Stranger Things kids are wearing Ghostbusters jumpsuits, and after season 1 they've more than earned it.

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Check Out This Powerful New Wonder Woman Image of Diana Stealing a Mythical Amazon Sword

The turning point in Wonder Woman's origin story is when she decides to go against her mother Hippolyta's wishes and leave Themiscyra. In an image released by Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment exclusively to Entertainment Weekly, we see that moment captured in gold.

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We Had Fun Captioning These Brand New Rogue One Stills With Our Headcanons

Expect your anticipation to spike—along with your heartrate—once you check out these Rogue One promotional photos from Entertainment Weekly.

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The Beast Got All Groomed and Pretty for a New Beauty and the Beast Photo

Entertainment Weekly shared some new images from the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action movie and they're definitely incorporating some classic Disney.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Is Supremely Mystical in New Doctor Strange Images

Marvel’s Doctor Strange doesn’t come out until November but filmmakers are releasing some new stills of Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme to get you ready before then. The two new photos come courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, who uploaded them on Friday.

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Glorious New Wonder Woman Set Photos Confirm that Gal Gadot is Damn Near Perfect For This

Ever since Gal Gadot's scene-stealing appearance as Diana of Themyscira in Batman v Superman, we've been really excited about the upcoming Wonder Woman film and seeing Gadot's (and director, Patty Jenkins') take on the character fly solo on the big screen. Thanks to the SDCC issue of Entertainment Weekly, we get a new glimpse into the the character in newly-released set photos, as well as more details about the film's plot, and Jenkins' approach.

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Jessica Williams Leaving Daily Show, Starting New Series About Young “Woke” Feminist

After four years at The Daily Show, Jessica Williams is graduating to her own series.

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Entertainment Weekly Introduces Us to the (Overwhelmingly Male) Characters of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Now that people are no longer fixating on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's reshoots, the media hype train has moved on to more exciting news: character descriptions! Entertainment Weekly has released a ton of new information on the people and droids we can expect to fall in love with come December.

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Approach With Caution: The Media and the Study of Fandom

Fandom does not have the best track record of being acknowledged well, and with value, so the concept of an anthropological study dedicated to analyzing and observing fans, or translating them into both "qualitative and quantitative" data (according to the article), is making me a little leery.

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Fanfic Authors Unhappy With Entertainment Weekly’s Fanfic Contest

Fan fiction authors on Tumblr have not taken kindly to Entertainment Weekly's Fanfic Contest, which seeks submissions from writers who want to see their work published in the pages of EW.

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Andy Serkis Talks Embodying Snoke, Explains Who the Supreme Leader Isn’t

There's been a lot of speculation over the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke, and now Andy Serkis might be putting an end to (some) of it.

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Ho Hum, More Official Images of ‘Psychedelic’ Doctor Strange Revealed

Getting all kinds of strange.

This morning we got our first official look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, and, for those of you who didn't get your fill of Cumbergoatee the first time around, new images and art from the film have now also been revealed.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Makes First Official Appearance as Doctor Strange on EW Cover

The Doctor will see you now.

What do you think of his look, gang?

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Cover Brings New Images of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

And a movie drawing surprisingly close!

Entertainment Weekly's The Force Awakens cover has been revealed, and with it come a bunch of other great new images from the upcoming Star Wars sequel!

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Charlie Hunnam Smolders With Excalibur in King Arthur Glamour Shots

"Oh Excalibur, you're so FUNNY"

Entertainment Weekly just released some photos of Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur in Guy Ritchie's reboot of King Arthur. Just look at that gentle, longing stare from the medieval king! He has scars, but he's got a soft side.

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Official EW X-Men: Apocalypse Images Reveal Psylocke, Apocalypse, and MOHAWKED STORM

100% butt pose free.

Weird dad joke tagline aside, what do you guys think of this EW cover?

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Capaldi Talks Learning Slang from “Tiny Tornado” Maisie Williams; First Image of Doctor Who Season 9 Revealed


In an interview over at EW, Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi dropped hints about the above image from Season 9 and described what it was like to work with "tiny tornado" guest star Maisie Williams.

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