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Things We Saw Today: You Can Stop Wondering Now, This Is What the Cast of Daria Is Up to Today

Co-creator and character designer Susie Lewis is giving an update on what those beloved characters are up today.

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Things We Saw Today: This Spot-On Cosplay of Jane from Daria

Tumblr user "diamondideozu" just uploaded a huge photo-set of her stunning cosplay of Jane, Daria's best friend on the iconic 90s TV show Daria.

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Five Forgotten (Brilliant) Lady Leads in Fiction

Something to supplement your Furiosa fix.

I thought today might be a great opportunity to offer up some other stories about women: triumphant and struggling, witty and monstrous, mundane and adventurous. But most of all, something with a little variety for our heroines. Because hey, romance is all fine and well and often part of the human experience, but it’s agonizingly frustrating how often that type of story automatically defaults to the domain of the “token chick character.”

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Daria Cosplays Proves It’s Not a Sick, Sad World All the Time

Our Adorable Past

Don't tell me you're too young to have seen Daria. Don't! *plugs fingers in ears* La la la, la la. La la la, la la. (More here.)

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Licensed NES Games From the ’90s That We’re Surprised Don’t Really Exist

My childhood weeps for a Daria game now.

Back in the glory days of the NES and SNES, there were about a spillion officially licensed video games that did not need to exist. Seriously, does anyone remember the tie-in game for Home Improvement where you fought dinosaurs as Tim Allen? Thank god VGJunk put together some imagined title screens for franchises that would have made much better games.

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Daria Movie Starring Aubrey Plaza Is Not A Real Thing: What Sort Of Sick Sad World Is This?

Thing That Might Have to Exist

La la la la la... La la la la la... She's back-- College Humor released this fake movie trailer for Daria: High School Reunion starring deadpan darling Aubrey Plaza. A while ago there were some rumors floating around of Plaza actually playing Daria in a live-action movie, but nothing ever came of it. Now that she's in this trailer, we wish something had! Check it out and get your nostalgia on. (via Flavorwire)

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9 Female Characters We Wish We’d Been More Like In High School

Power Grid

Being a teenager can really suck. You're at the cusp of having to make major life decisions about college and possibly moving away from home. There's the stress of school and various personal and social milestones. Hormones are zinging around everywhere. And for eight hours a day, five days a week you're crammed together with tons of other people going through the same thing. Some people handle it more gracefully than others, though. Well, some fictional characters do, anyway. To that end, here are 9 Female Characters We Wish We'd Been More Like In High School. Sometimes it's their attitude we admire, other times it's their resilience or their morals or just the circumstances of their lives. Regardless, these are some pretty awesome teens.

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Cartoons Go Couture: Animated Ladies Paired with High Fashion


Princess Bubblegum is equally a monarch, a scientist, and a girl who knows how to get her dress on, and I respect that. I'm still willing to bet that Marceline is around somewhere, sniggering at this. But maybe the leading lady of Adventure Time is to recent of a reference for you? Then check out the rest of Jerome LaMaar's cartoons, featuring characters from Sailor Moon, ThunderCats, Jem, and Daria.

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Things We Saw Today: Maleficent Set Photos!

Things We Saw Today

Check out these set photos featuring Angelina Jolie from Maleficent, Disney's live-action rework of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the villainess. Are those actual horns on her head?! (via MTV Movies.)

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Things We Saw Today: Red Lantern Baby

Things We Saw Today

Todd Kent, who runs the Comic Book Literacy blog, has a three-month-old daughter who, he claims, "insisted" on dressing as every single color in the Lantern Corp this Halloween. Above is, obviously, Red Lantern, and after the jump, see all of them. It's amazingly cute. (via The Beat)

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Beavis and Butthead Are, Like, Back and Stuff…Huh Huh [Video]

The Boob Tube

Oh, 'tis a joyous day for we Generation Xers who remember the days when The Real World was real and MTV played music videos ... that were later bashed on its animated chestnut, Beavis and Butthead. Because today is the day we can bring you the trailer for the return of Mike Judge's wonderfully nasty little show (Thursday, October 27, 10:00 PM). You might notice that there were some obvious efforts to make this seem ready for the zeitgeist of MTV's new audience of Millennials (hi there, Twilight references -- we totally noticed you there), but you know what? I'll allow it. I find this acceptable. Welcome back, Beavis and Butthead. Now, how about a Daria comeback? (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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Things We Saw Today: Adorable Tiny Spider-Man Takes On Stormtroopers

Things We Saw Today


"I SWEAR BY MY TINY SPIDEY MASK I WILL END YOU," we imagine he's saying. Or just a simple "NO." (At Fashionably Geek)

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