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Things We Saw Today: Adorable Tiny Spider-Man Takes On Stormtroopers

Things We Saw Today

“I SWEAR BY MY TINY SPIDEY MASK I WILL END YOU,” we imagine he’s saying. Or just a simple “NO.” (At Fashionably Geek)

There’s a new Adventures of Tintin poster, and it’s fairly epic. (At Geeky Tyrant)

These are Super Mario pirhana plant earrings and someone needs to teleport them to our ears immediately, please? (At Buzz Feed)

The Disney princesses meet Birds of Prey.

And this. This is Harry Potter meets Daria. I think I had that dream once. (From the same post as above, at MTV Geek News)

Here’s how the new Wonder Woman costume would look on a bunch of dudes, and this is why pants would be really, really great. (At I’ll Tumblr For Ya)

  • A really interesting look at the evolution of ape special effects in film. (At Screen Rant)

And last but not least, some more pictures of Anne Hathaway (or possibly/probably her stunt double) as Selina Kyle in action. (At Spinoff)

Why is this movie a year away?

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