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Things We Saw Today: Red Lantern Baby

Things We Saw Today

Todd Kent, who runs the Comic Book Literacy blog, has a three-month-old daughter who, he claims, “insisted” on dressing as every single color in the Lantern Corp this Halloween. Above is, obviously, Red Lantern, and after the jump, see all of them. It’s amazingly cute. (via The Beat)

And here she is — a tiny baby, in every color of the Lantern Corp.

  • Despite earlier reports, Matt Smith has clarified what he said about having “one more year” on Doctor Who before moving to LA. He is not planning on ending his tenure as the 11th Doctor that soon. (via Blastr)
  • We are very psyched to see Beavis and Butthead return to MTV. But we’d be even more psyched if they also brought back Daria. (I’d be psyched if MTV just went back to its mid-1990s programming style, but that’s because I am kind of old.) Nerve has five reasons why, exactly, Daria needs to come back, as if we needed any at all.
  • Being a zombie in the early age of “talkies” had a different meaning than being a zombie nowadays. For example, in 1932’s White Zombie, a woman turned into a zombie by a voodoo master named Murder triumphantly reverts back to being human after murdering Murder. But now, it’s less of a statement on being a brainwashed follower and more of a statement of just wanting to eat brains. Discoblog takes a closer look at the evolving sociology behind zombies.
  • Alan Kistler at Newsarama has a look at Wonder Woman through the years as she celebrates her 70th birthday! Happy Birthday, Wondie!
  • And, finally, from The Bird and the Bat, Hocus Pocus fan art. If there was ever a movie that perfectly utilized bad anachronistic humor as well as this one, I have yet to see it. (Actually, there are probably lots of them.) And also the whole “We’re talking about virgins in a kids’ movie” thing and casting siblings Garry and Penny Marshall as a married couple. My god, this movie is deliciously screwed up.

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