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Things We Saw Today: Maleficent Set Photos!

Things We Saw Today

Check out these set photos featuring Angelina Jolie from Maleficent, Disney’s live-action rework of Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the villainess. Are those actual horns on her head?! (via MTV Movies.)

Who says childhood must end? Relive your pseudo-architect days with this LEGO clutch. (via Geek Sugar.)

  • Capcom is remaking Okami in HD, basically improving the graphics of an already gorgeous game. It will be available on Playstation Network this August, check out the trailer or bust out your old PS2 copy and get excited! (via Edge.)
  • Valve is giving away Portal 2 for free to educators with ‘Steam For Schools.’ I would have loved math and physics so much more in high school if I had learned with portals! (via Kotaku.)

Why yes, that is a horrifyingly endearing drawing of Jonah Hex riding Pinkie Pie. (via Neatorama.)

  • Get your flannel and combat boots ready, 90s kids! Daria is re-airing on MTV, along with Laguna Beach and The Hills. (via MTV Remote Control.)

File this one under: ‘How did this not happen sooner?!’ Here, the cast of Star Wars is re-imagined in steampunk gear. (via Geeks Are Sexy.)

  • Remember when Julia Stiles played a hardcore hacker on Ghostwriter? No? Don’t worry, here’s a video to refresh your memory. I just might have to steal the phrase “jam with the console cowboys.” (via The Frisky.)
  • A long-sighted elephant  may end up wearing contact lenses as being unable to see has caused him a great deal of depression. Isn’t it great when science can improve the quality of life of animals? (via Digital Spy.)


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