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Blake Shelton: Sexiest Man Alive 2017—That’s Gonna Be a No For Me, Y’all

How many cousins, uncles, brothers, and family friends do you have that are objectively better looking than Blake Shelton? And less homophobic and racist, too?

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Things We Saw Today: Chris Hemsworth Makes All the Ovaries on the Internet Explode With Pic of Littlest Thor

Submitted for your approval: Chris Hemsworth as Adult Thor, and his son as Widdle Babby Thor.

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Dig Thor’s New Hair in Thor: Ragnarok? You Have Kevin Smith to Thank!

I, like much of America, saw Thor: Ragnarok this weekend and had a great time. It's literally the only time I've cared this much about Thor as a character. Also, I'm a much bigger fan of the closely-cropped hair than I ever was of Thor's longer, shaggier do. As it turns out, we have Kevin Smith and his nerdy ranting to thank for the change!

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Watch the Cast of Thor Act out Their Own Hilarious Live-Action Ragnarok

It's been a while since a video on the Internet made me laugh out loud and a lot, but this is "Thor 4D" is freaking incredible. Gaze in delight as the main cast of Thor: Ragnarok puts on a live performance of the movie that's a little bit Broadway and a lot like your middle school play. Starring movie stars.

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Should It Matter If Thor: Ragnarok Passes the Bechdel Test?

I had a great time at a press screening of Thor: Ragnarok. As our Marykate Jasper outlined in her review, the movie is fun, funny, unconventional, and sometimes messy—not perfect, but I'm already excited to see it again opening night. However ...

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Review: Thor: Ragnarok Is Very Weird, Very Funny, and Very Much A Thor Film

4 out of 5 stars.

From its baldly preposterous plot to director Taika Waititi's signature humor, Thor: Ragnarok has way more character than any corporate, third-in-a-series superhero movie has the right to. It's as funny as it is messy.

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Chris Hemsworth Shares an Improvised Thor: Ragnarok Scene

Giving Taika Waititi the space to go "out there" with Thor: Ragnarok was definitely a good choice.

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The Story Behind the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Laugh Line Is Even Better Than the Joke

The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok had an exuberant tone all its own among Marvel movies, due in no small part to the fun '80s sci-fi feel the whole movie is going for, but it had a bit of outside help, too.

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“What the Hela Happened to Thor’s Hair?” and Other Important Questions Answered by First Ragnarok Pics

I've gotta say, I haven't been excited about a Thor solo movie since...well, since basically the first Thor movie. Yet these first photos from Thor: Ragnarok are definitely enough to pique my interest. Thanks, Entertainment Weekly!

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Thor and Darryl Work Out Roommate Issues in Hilarious “Team Thor: Pt. 2” Short

Things aren't looking so peachy for unlikely roommates Thor and Darryl.

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Doctor Strange Blu-ray Will Include Part Two of That Hilarious Thor Mockumentary

Still curious about the misadventures of Thor and his new roommate Darryl Jacobson? Well, Doctor Strange is here to help you out.

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Chris Hemsworth Apologizes for “Native” Costume in Instagram With Taika Waititi

He calls himself "stupidly unaware" and expresses his desire to "sincerely and unreservedly apologise to all First Nations people for this thoughtless action."

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What Secrets Can We Glean From All This Thor: Ragnarok Set Footage?

Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi dumped over ten minutes of footage from the last day of shooting onto that newfangled "Internet," and it's a fun look behind the scenes with Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and a whole lot of other actors. Of course, because this is a Marvel movie, everyone's already actively at work tearing the footage apart for more clues about the movie.

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TMS Investigates: Which of the 4 Chrises Is Least Problematic, on a Scale of Mean Girls?

“... if you’re from Australia, why are you white?”

Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, and Chris Evans. Which of the four Chrises would we choose as our BFF and/or BF? Far more importantly, if these four Chrises appeared in a Mean Girls reboot, which role would each Chris play???

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Marvel Studios Reveals What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War

The segment also appears as a special feature on Digital HD.

If you were left feeling curious about what Thor was up to during the battle between Tony and Cap, Marvel Studios has finally released a little glimpse into his activities.

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Mark Ruffalo Wraps Filming On Thor: Ragnarok With Farewell Pics

And a slightly new look for Thor.

It doesn't even feel like much time has passed since we first learned that Mark Ruffalo's Hulk would be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok--but Ruffalo has already wrapped filming.

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Things We Saw Today: Ian McKellen Reads Roald Dahl Letters Reminding Us to Be Dinketysnipsy

This video of Ian McKellan reading two letters Roald Dahl wrote to a young girl having trouble with settling into school reminds us all to be imaginative Dinketysnipsy girls (and not sliggylumpfructious Veruca Salts).

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J.J. Abrams Confirms Chris Hemsworth Will Return for Star Trek 4

But how will that work, exactly?

Since this set of Star Trek movies differentiated itself from the past series from the very beginning by defining its own universe (dubbed the "Kelvin" timeline), it shouldn't be any surprise that they're going to be playing by their own rules--and that, apparently, includes bringing back characters long since believed to be dead.

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Ghostbusters Cast Talks Chris Hemsworth’s Stupid Talented Face

"You shut up Chris!"

The Ghostbusters crew went on The Graham Norton Show, where they all bonded over annoyingly perfect Chris Hemsworth.

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Things We Saw Today: Meet Jake, Disneyland’s Newest Star Wars Cantina Bot

Meet Jake, a service droid who's been making appearances at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland.

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