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‘Charlie’s Chrises’ Is My Dream Movie Idea

Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth with question marks over their faces.

There is a great Chris debate that wages an ongoing war in the mind of those online. If it came down to it, who of the Chrises would you deem your favorite? I have my list. My ranking has always been Chris Pine with Chris Evans in a close second, then comes bearded Chris Hemsworth, clean-shaven Chris Hemsworth, and then Chris Pratt. If we’re adding in other Chrises, those last two get a little mixed up depending on who else is in the mix. The great Chris wars have brought us many casualties (remember when celebrities had to defend Chris Pratt because the internet voted him last?) but it has also brought us great joys.

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Whether it is ranking your faves, talking about them all being part of a shared universe, or casting them in a dream movie together, we’ve had our fun over the years when it comes to the Hollywood Chrises. But now a new idea for them has taken over the Chris conversation in the best way.

Here comes the greatest movie idea ever made. Made popular by artist BossLogic’s work, the idea is simple: Chris Pine, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth must work together to take on the Chris gone rogue known as Chris Pratt. In Boss’ work, we see a plethora of additional Chrises show up like Christopher Walken, Chris Rock, and Christina Ricci.

He’s gone as far as also including a soundtrack for the film, including music from artists who have the name Chris or some variation on it.

Kit Harrington and Topher Grace have to be secret Chrises

One of my favorite discoveries in the world of the Chrises is that Kit is a popular nickname for Christopher (do not ask me where I was) and my other favorite discovery is that Topher Grace goes by Topher because he didn’t like being called Chris and would respond to it with “Topher” as a kid. So why not have both Topher Grace and Kit Harrington as the leaders of a secret Chris group that our main Chrises need to work with in order to find Pratt?

Quite frankly, the possibilities are endless in who we could include in this. We could use Christopher Lee as the founder of this organization with Christopher Plummer as his right-hand (if their estates allow) and just keep going on and on and on in the Chris lore. Hell, let’s bring in Chris Tucker, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Hendricks, Criss Angel, Christian Bale, Christina Aguilera, Christopher Eccleston. We could go on.

Ask Christopher Nolan or Christopher Guest to direct the movie, I’ll change my name to Cristin if it means I can write the script. It could be a Christopher-extravaganza and would be the world we all need to live in. While it would need to be Charlie’s Chrises for the gag of it being a Charlie’s Angels joke, we could still have Charlie’s name be like Charles Christopher or something else.

All I’m saying is that this is how the battle of the Chrises needs to end. This is what we deserve after the war we’ve been through. We deserve to have this action movie, so now we just have to get the Chrises of the world on board.

Which Chris did we miss? Tell us your favorite Chris in the comments.

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