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Charlie Cox Confesses His Feelings on Daredevil’s Cancellation

Actor Charlie Cox speaks on the news of 'Daredevil' being canceled: "It’s quite painful for quite a lot of people."

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Teaser for Marvel’s Punisher Series Hints at Cathartic, Righteous Fury We Need

Now, more than ever, we need a Punisher series. Check out the teaser trailer after the jump.

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Marvel’s Netflix Universe Truly Pays Off in The Defenders’ First Trailer

Marvel's Netflix shows—individually and collectively—have had their ups and downs, but there's a lot to love in this first full trailer for their team-up in The Defenders.

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Jessica Jones Does Not Handle Popularity Well in The Defenders

Krysten Ritter talked about Jessica Jones' challenges with teamwork and newfound success in the upcoming season of The Defenders.

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Things We Saw Today: Lindsey Stirling Gives Spider-Man Score Great Power in New Music Video

We've always been huge fans of performance artist Lindsey Stirling for her geek-classical music covers and original compositions. In this video, she teams up with pianist Lang Lang to create a tribute to the Spider-Man score.

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Oh, No: Charlie Cox Might Have Blown a Han Solo Movie Audition Because of Daredevil

Apparently Charlie Cox is just so good at playing Daredevil that he may have blown what he believes to be an audition for the Han Solo Star Wars Story movie.

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Daredevil Showrunners Join Netflix’s The Defenders

Defense! Defense! announced earlier today that Daredevil showrunners Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez have been hired as showrunners on Marvel's The Defenders. Daredevil's Drew Goddard will also serve as Executive Producer.

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Review: Daredevil Season 2 Is Full of Grit, Moral Complexity, and Polarizing Side Characters

It’s been a loooong year waiting for the second season of Daredevil. So, I’m happy to report that season 2 was well worth the wait and, on the whole, an exceptional follow up to season 1.

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This One-Shot Fight Scene From Daredevil Season 2 Might Be Hallway Fight 2.0

Warning for spoilers if you haven't watched that far, obviously.

If you were wondering exactly how season two of Daredevil was going to be able to top that epic hallway fight scene from season one (which was staged, choreographed and then done all in one take), then have no fear. There's a similar fight scene that comes up early on in the show.

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Netflix Releases New Teaser For Daredevil Season 2, Plus Fan Images Hint at New Costumes

Netflix's Daredevil is so intense that even their 15-second teasers leave you gasping for air. In this new teaser for its upcoming Season Two, we find the titular hero (brilliantly played by Charlie Cox) chained to a rooftop. As he struggles and screams, if you listen closely, you hear what sounds like it could be a gun being cocked. What the Hell's Kitchen is going on? I can't wait to find out when the show premieres next month.

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Will Charlie Cox Play Daredevil in Avengers: Infinity War? He Wants To!

Actors from the Marvel Movie Universe have gone on to play their same characters in spin-off Marvel TV shows, but the reverse has not yet occurred -- and Daredevil star Charlie Cox is hoping to be the first to make that leap in Avengers: Infinity War.

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Not to Be Left Out of the Superhero Craze, Matt Damon Would Totally Do a Daredevil Movie, You Guys

Sad Affleck-Daredevil is sad.

I'm in on one condition: He has to fight Charlie Cox for it. (Psst I would like to bet all my money on Cox, please.)

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Daredevil Season 2 Starts Filming, Here Are the Inevitable Set Pics

Filming has begun for Daredevil v Punisher: Dawn of Moral Dilemmas—er, Daredevil season 2—and that means it's time for set photos and rampant speculation! (Two of our favorite things.)

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The Mary Sue Interview: Daredevil‘s Charlie Cox at the AFB Helen Keller Achievement Awards

Wherein Charlie Cox is the nicest guy.

Last night, Daredevil's Charlie Cox was honored at the American Foundation for the Blind's Helen Keller Achievement awards. Cox stars as blind lawyer/superhero Matt Murdock, and we talked to him about what it's been like to be involved with a project that, through its main character and being Netflix's first show to offer audio description, has helped raise awareness of accessibility issues for the blind—and tried to get him to spill details on season 2, of course.

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Daredevil’s Charlie Cox Spills Details About Season Two

We're excited that there's gonna be a Daredevil Season Two, and so is Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox. In a recent interview, he dropped a couple of hints about the upcoming season, including when we can expect it to drop.

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Daredevil Will Feel More Like The Wire Than a Superhero Show, Says Showrunner

Less Red Batman, more Red Ribbon Killer.

But if this show's going to downplay the fantasy elements of the Marvel universe, then how exactly are we going to get Idris Elba's Thor character a cameo? Somebody didn't think this comparison to The Wire through that well, you guys!

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Daredevil Unveils New Cast And Images at New York Comic Con

Featuring ginger Matt Murdock!

There hasn't been a heck of a lot of news about Netflix's Daredevil: We've gotten some rad casting an less-than-official set pics, but other than that, things've been pretty scant. We got a few more tidbits at yesterday's NYCC panel, though, where two new images and a poster were unveiled. A distinctly ginger Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock is above—here are the other two:

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Sneaky Set Photographer Gives Us Our First Look at Daredevil‘s Matt Murdock

Dare you look?

He's wearing... clothes! Glasses! ...Hair!

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Marvel’s First Netflix Original Series Casts Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox As Daredevil


You might also know him as dreamy Tristan from Stardust or despicable Philip, Duke of Crowborough from Downton Abbey but soon audiences will know actor Charlie Cox as the Man Without Fear, Daredevil.  

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