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New Feminist Frequency Video Dissects the Trope of “Strategic Butt Coverings”

This episode focuses on the techniques that developers and designers often use to highlight women's butts in order to objectify and sexualize them.

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Here’s Miss Piggy Scopin’ Nathan Fillion’s Butt

Stars, they're just like us!

Ms. Piggy's post-Kermit life: She's torn up plenty, but she'll fly true.

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Kyle Reese Goes Hawkeye Initiative in Terminator: Genisys Character Posters

I was a little disappointed by the pose on Emilia Clarke's Sarah Connor poster for Terminator: Genisys, but then I noticed that they opted to put Jai Courtney's Kyle Reese into the full-on Butt Pose, and now I am endlessly entertained. (By the way, the posters also totally blow the movie's twist—the one we know of, anyway—on the Terminator storyline for all of you extreme spoilerphobes out there.)

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Monkeys See Their Reflection & Immediately Check Out Their Butts Because of Course They Do

Monkey see, monkey... ooh that's a fine ass!

Yes, I know that's a chimpanzee, we have more important things to discuss. Monkeys' love of their own butts.

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Happy New Rears! In 2015, I Want To Be As Skilled At Anything As This Man’s Butt Is At Skipping

Rump In!

I'm a firm believer that the way one spends New Year's Day sets a tone for the months to come, so it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Yi Zhihua, butt skipper extraordinaire.

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Fifty Shades‘ Jamie Dornan Visited a Sex Dungeon and Was a Total Butt About It

Do not squick another's squee, sir. Especially when that squee is making you bank.

In a recent interview with Elle, Fifty Shades star and Actor Hero Jamie Dornan revealed that he visited a real-life sex dungeon in preparation for his role as Christian Grey, where he was alternatively grossed-out and bored despite being nicely given some refreshments beforehand. NOT COOL, DUDE.

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Gail Simone Will Make Sure Nightwing’s Butt Gets Featured In Her Convergence Miniseries, For Feminism

Good. Good choice. Yes.

The Secret Six and Red Sonja writer also spoke with Comics Alliance about the importance of diversity in comics, her own writing process, and her wonderful experiences working with artists and comic publishers. But c'mon. Like we're not going to lead with butts.

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Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other’s Butts? Because Science.

The answer is pretty much always "Because science."

Dogs have a keen sense of smell, much stronger than humans. So why then, do they use that sense of smell to sniff each other's butts? If you've ever been curious about the science of dog butts then Reactions from The American Chemical Society has the video for you. They explain exactly what dogs are sniffing for, and about their secret second dog nose, the Jacobson organ.

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Drax Meets the Guardians of the Galaxy Audience Butt-First In His Character Poster

Drax & Star-Lord's GotG Posters

Wow. Gamora: No butt pose. Drax... almost butt pose. Though not as much as Read More

Butt Pose Watch: Gamora’s Character Poster for Guardians of the Galaxy Is Coming For You

Movies & TV

And she will mess you up. Look ma, no butt pose! Previously in Guardians of the Galaxy

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Pinterest Hacked to Contain Many Butts

hold on to your butts

I mean, probably it was hacked to contain "More Butts," since there were probably already some butts on the site already, but still, over the last couple of days the incidences of butts on the site for some users became alarmingly high.

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Pinterest Hacked and Invaded by Butts

What if your Pinterest board already had a bunch of butts?

No. Your Pinterest friends didn't all just suddenly decide they're really into butts. The site was hacked, and the result appears to be a bunch of spam about weight loss and butts. Or maybe your friends just like butts now. Go ahead and ask them. Thanks to groundbreaking legal case Becky v. Mix-a-Lot, they cannot lie about it.

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Winter Soldier Gets The Butt Pose Treatment In The Newest Captain America Poster

hold on to your butts

Yes, it's true. From time to time, male actors get featured in the famous "Butt Pose" usually reserved for the ladies. But unlike The Hobbit poster featuring Legolas and Tauriel swapping stances, Captain America: The Winter Soldier's Sebastian Stan gets the pectoral and gluteus maximus emphasis in his new movie poster. Previously in The Butt Pose

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“Janus” Was Probably Not The Best Name To Give Give This Storm, Weather Channel

Fire your graphics team. Alternately, give them all raises.

The Weather Channel does this thing now where they give practically every rain cloud a name so they can scare people into watching. They probably thought they were being clever by naming this one after the Roman god from which we derive the word "January." Instead it sort of backfired, didn't it? Really a bummer for everyone involved.

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Hungry? Here, Have Some Chocolate Buttholes

This feels like the punchline to a Saturday Night Live sketch.

Ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereof, we currently live in a world where it is indeed possible to purchase fine chocolate molded in the shape of a asshole. Truly, this is the most blessed timeline of all.

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Charmin Wins Twitter Today with Thor: The Dark World “Asgardian” Joke [UPDATED]

Asgardian. Get it?

Charmin isn't just jumping on the Thor bandwagon. They want you to know that they've always been an Asgardian. Get it? Because it sounds like "ass guardian" and they make toilet paper -- for your butt. This is brilliant marketing at its finest.

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Dollar Shave Club Starts Selling Wipes, Aims to Become Number One in Number Two

Dollar Shave Club set out to be number one in shaving, now they want to be number one in how you wipe your butt.

Last year startup Dollar Shave Club launched to bring cheap razors to your door every month. A mail-order razor service is a good idea, but it really caught our attention because of the launch video. It let everyone know how "f**king great" DSC's blades were. Now the DSC is moving into a new market -- butt wipes. As we've come to expect, their video for new One Wipe Charlies is also pretty great.

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Cigarette Butts Help Bird Nests Repel Parasites

No one likes seeing cigarette butts strewn about city streets. No one, that is, except maybe urban birds. New research shows bird nests that incorporated cigarette butts may be repelling unwanted parasites. It turns out the deadly chemicals contained in cigarettes may provide a useful service for birds. Based on known bird behaviors, it's also possible that birds are seeking out cigarette butts to put in their nests to repel pests.

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