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Charmin Wins Twitter Today with Thor: The Dark World “Asgardian” Joke [UPDATED]

Asgardian. Get it?

[Update] Boo! The tweet is gone! But the Internet is forever, so at least we still have the pictoral evidence above.

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Charmin isn’t just jumping on the Thor bandwagon. They want you to know that they’ve always been an Asgardian. Get it? Because it sounds like “ass guardian” and they make toilet paper — for your butt. This is brilliant marketing at its finest.

Usually, when a brand tries to pair up with a movie for some kind of attempt at “viral marketing,” it leaves us rolling our eyes or ignoring it completely, but we love a good pun here at Geekosystem. We also love Thor, Twitter, and toilet paper, so this thing is hitting us on a number of levels.

Well done, Charmin. If there’s an award for this kind of thing, we think you should get that award.

(via Charmin on Twitter)

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