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Kyle Reese Goes Hawkeye Initiative in Terminator: Genisys Character Posters

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I was a little disappointed by the pose on Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Connor poster for Terminator: Genisys, but then I noticed that they opted to put Jai Courtney’s Kyle Reese into the full-on Butt Pose—à la The Hawkeye Initiative—and now I am endlessly entertained. (By the way, the posters also totally blow the movie’s twist—the one we know of, anyway—on the Terminator storyline for all of you extreme spoilerphobes out there.)

While not the traditional butt pose that we’ve written about extensively and exhaustively, the Sarah Connor poster reminds us of the recent Fantastic Four posters that basically had Sue Storm in the exact same “you can see both my butt and boobs” pose while the rest of the team got to stand facing front. I’m going to give Terminator a pass at this point for not giving the female lead the only booty pose of the bunch, but really, the bigger problem is probably that both of these movies—and most movies, really—only have one female lead on a poster to begin with.

Get it together, Hollywood.


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