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Remastered BioShock: The Collection Officially Announced After Infinity Leaks

Would you kindly celebrate with me?

After a series of leaks left little doubt in anyone's mind, the remastered BioShock Collection has finally been officially announced! Not only are BioShockBioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite all included, but the package comes with plenty of extras all for about the price of a single game.

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13 Father’s Day Cards For Your Favorite Video Game Dads

Or least-favorite, depending on your threshold for bad parenting.

I got the gaming bug from my dad, who used to sit three-year-old me on his lap while he played Myst and Doom - which, in hindsight, may not have been the best plan, but hey. So what better way to celebrate Father's Day than with a collection of cards (lovingly made by myself and my fellow Weekend Editor, Becky Chambers) dedicated to our fave, most-devoted in-game dads?

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Pixelthreads: Video Games’ Undies Problem

It's probably not what you think.

Underwear in video games quite often confuses and baffles me, when they bother to acknowledge that women wear it at all. But this piece isn't about whether or not it's sexist to only show women characters in games in their underwear (because I hope the answer is obvious). This piece is about how a male dominated industry often doesn't understand how underwear works.

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How to Make Video Games for Girls

Developers, publishers, and marketing professionals, take heed.

Just as many girls as guys are playing video games these days. That means developers have to step up to the challenge of appealing to both genders. But they sure do miss the mark in figuring out What Girls Want. So get out a pencil and paper and take note. It’s not that hard, I promise.

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Nintendo Games Make Surprisingly Perfect Pulp Covers, We Await Your Fanfic

Just don't call her "Metroid."

Artist Ástor Alexander created these re-imaginings of classic games as pulp fiction covers.

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We Played Sunset Overdrive and More at Its Star-Studded Launch Party, and It Was FUN

It was like some kind of... awesomepocalypse.

While I can't speak for how Sunset Overdrive is as a full game, I did get to play it a bit last night along with a bunch of famous people I have no business being in the same room with, and it was a blast. I also played a bit of Assassin's Creed Unity, and I'll do my best to tell you about that, too—despite how awful I am at it. Hey, you try focusing on gaming with Michelle Hurst AKA Miss Claudette watching.

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Morning Facepalm: Fox News Uses Bioshock Infinite Logo to “Defend the Homeland”

I swear I'm not making this up.

Death by overdose of irony is not a thing, right? I'm just concerned for all of our safety, because Fox News' graphics department has borrowed from Bioshock Infinite—a game about complete racism and zealotry by people who worship unrealistic versions of the U.S. founders—for an anti-immigration graphic. Some graphics intern had to have done this on purpose, right?

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Things We Saw Today: A Dragon Egg Cake Fit For A Khaleesi

What happens if you leave it in the oven too long? (via Cake Wrecks)

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Review: BioShock Infinite‘s Burial At Sea DLC


The story opens with Booker DeWitt, passed out at his desk. Empty bottles and betting sheets lie in plain sight. A woman enters his office. He does not know her. The player can see that she knows him. She offers him a job, with little room for refusal. There’s a missing girl that needs to be found. And so it begins. Again. Warning: Massive ending spoilers for BioShock Infinite. Minor spoilers for Burial At Sea.

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Irrational Games Is Shutting Down To Be Replaced By New “Start-Up” Studio

Well, now we know where Levine got the idea for Andrew Ryan.

Sad news for Bioshock fans today: according to a statement on the Irrational Games website, Ken Levine will be shutting down the studio and laying off all but 15 people for a new, " more entrepreneurial endeavor " with Take-Two instead. So, you know, guess it's also sad for Irrational Games employees who liked having some semblance of job security.

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The C_ntrollers Light Some Cigarettes Underwater In Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea, Episode 1 [Video]

You know what's real fun? Kinetoscopes and scary mannequins.

In cast you haven't seen it yet, our weekend editor Sam Maggs has an awesome Let's Play video series that we've featured on the site before. Their latest episode, all about Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea just dropped, and our favorite video game-playing ladies are rocking some great cosplay this time around.

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The January PlayStation Plus Lineup Means We’re Getting Nothing Done Next Month

See you in February, everyone!

Sony just released their PlayStation Plus offerings for January with some really excellent "free" games. We use quotes, because it's a paid service, but with games like BioShock Inifinite and Don't Starve, it seems well worth the price.

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Facebook Group Mistakes BioShock Infinite Satire Image for Real Propaganda

There is not enough time in the day for all of the facepalms this inspires.

Poe's Law is an Internet phenomenon in which reality and satire become indistinguishable from each other. In a prime example, a conservative Facebook group seemingly became unable to distinguish the outlandish political satire of the BioShock series from their own beliefs, and they posted an in-game propaganda image to their page.

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Reader Halloween Costumes!

The Mary Sue

We asked, and you delivered! Pictures of your Halloween costumes, that is. And what amazing costumes they are! Come in and look at your incredible handiwork.

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Susana And Becky Talk Dads And Daughters In Video Games, Part 2

Allow Us To Explain

This conversation utterly, completely, unforgivingly spoils The Walking Dead, BioShock Infinite, and The Last of Us. Endings included. And we spoil Shelter in this one, too. You have been warned. Welcome to part two of our conversation (if you're just joining us, you can find part one here). In this half, we discuss families, societal context, and how changes to the characters' genders might have affected their reception. Let us return to two apartments, an ocean apart, in which their respective inhabitants are talking themselves hoarse...

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Susana and Becky Talk Dads And Daughters In Video Games, Part 1

Allow Us To Explain

This conversation utterly, completely, unforgivingly spoils The Walking Dead, BioShock Infinite, and The Last of Us. Endings included. You have been warned. Back in June, I had a problem. The Last of Us was coming out, and I couldn't play it. I wanted to play it. A lot. It looked awesome, yes, but I was also itching to compare it with two games I had played, both of which featured a male player character and a well-written pseudo-daughter companion. I couldn't help but notice that all three games had come out within little over twelve months of each other. There had to be something to that. There had to be. But alas, I, sans PS3, could not complete the trifecta. Susana, however, could. And so it was that she and I jumped on Skype last weekend, ready to pick apart the surrogate dads and daughters that garnered so much critical acclaim (including our own) -- Lee and Clementine, Booker and Elizabeth, Ellie and Joel. Turns out we had a lot to say. As such, we're splitting our conversation in two parts, the first of which focuses on taboos, mentors, and parallels. We dive into the nitty gritty plot details right off the bat, so if you haven't played all of these games, or if you need a refresher on their respective stories, I'd recommend brushing up here (TWD), here (BSI), and here (TLoU). We hope you enjoy.

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Gone Home Is The Story Exploration Game You’ve Been Waiting For


It’s just a house. That’s all the game is, a house full of receipts and cups and boxes of tissues. Mundane and ordinary. You can walk around the house. You can pick things up, turn them over. You can paw around drawers and cupboards. You are alone. You are unguided. You can take all the time you need. There’s a lot to uncover in Gone Home, the inaugural title by indie studio The Fullbright Company. Love, loneliness, secrets, desperation, sexual identity, growing up, acting out — it’s all there, hidden under beds and shoved into closets. I saw my childhood in there, and my adulthood, too, and the messy, complicated things I feel toward my family. It left me feeling raw, and clean, and quiet. It’s just a house. It made me cry. 

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Surprise! First Bioshock Infinite DLC Launched Today, Second One Set in Rapture on the Way

Somewhere, beyond the sea...

The first DLC for Bioshock Infinite is now available! Clash in the Clouds isn't a continuation of the story as much as a glorified battle arena, but that's fine. The next DLC for the game, Burial at Sea, will have Booker and Elizabeth travel to the setting of the first two BioShock games, Rapture.

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DLC to Give the Bioshock Franchise Its First Playable Female Character

Good News Everyone!

And according to lead writer Ken Levine, it's all because this is what the fans asked for.

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Steam Summer Sale: Day 11 Deals

We'll miss you, Steam Summer Sale. You've offered us so much.

It's the last day of the Steam Summer Sale, which means they're offering up the most popular titles from the first 10 days. It also means that by now you know we're going to tell you what's on sale after the jump. Has it already been 11 days? Seems like only yesterday we started getting really pumped over discounted games.

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