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The January PlayStation Plus Lineup Means We’re Getting Nothing Done Next Month

See you in February, everyone!

Sony just released their PlayStation Plus offerings for January with some really excellent “free” games. We use quotes, because it’s a paid service, but with games like BioShock Inifinite and Don’t Starve, it seems well worth the price.

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PlayStation Plus is a monthly subscription service offered by Sony that gives gamers “free” games, and discounts on downloadable games and content. They change the games you can download each month, and this trailer of what’s in store for January has us really excited, and looking to cash in some vacation time.

Games are only offered to subscribers to download for a limited time, but they can keep and play the games as long as they maintain their PS+ subscription. Considering an annual subscription is a little more than the price of a new game, we really recommend it for thrifty gamers.

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