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Morning Facepalm: Fox News Uses Bioshock Infinite Logo to “Defend the Homeland”

I swear I'm not making this up.


Death by overdose of irony is not a thing, right? I’m just concerned for all of our safety, because Fox News’ graphics department has borrowed from Bioshock Infinite—a game about complete racism and zealotry by people who worship unrealistic versions of the U.S. founders—for an anti-immigration graphic. Some graphics intern had to have done this on purpose, right?

Seriously, I’m convinced that this cannot be an accident. I mean, look at the two logos when compared to each other:


The graphic has appeared on Fox & Friends in segments about immigration concerns with the southwest border of the U.S.

I like that they added in the Statue of Liberty for good measure, too. You know, that thing we got from France that is literally engraved with a message of welcome, because that’s how our country got started?

And when I say it couldn’t have been a mistake, I don’t mean that I’m sure they purposefully copied from the logo. That goes without saying just from looking at the two. The only difference is that Fox would never depict an American flag in tatters unless there was someone they could blame for it.

What I mean is that the irony was on purpose, too. I’m now certain that some kid who loves games was probably fresh out of college, needed a job, and took what he could get at Fox News. Then, he began plotting against them with the perfect ironic reference that no one else there was likely to get. Nicely done, sir.

Bioshock Infinite creator Ken Levin also noticed the similarities and weighed in on Facebook, saying, “Glad to help, Fox. Glad to help.”

If you check out the full graphic in GIF form, you might even notice a similarity to other Bioshock games. Is Rapture actually beneath the Statue of Liberty?

Always a statue.

“There’s always a lighthouse Statue of Liberty.”

Or maybe I’m wrong about the double agent in the graphics department? Maybe this is some kind of ploy by Fox to run The Daily Show and The Colbert Report out of business by doing all the parody work in-house?

(via Mediaite and The Verge, images via Mediaite/Fox News)

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