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Apple Adds Maps Navigation to Find My iPhone, Now You and Your Phone Can Both Get Lost

I've been pretty hard on Apple Maps, but that's only because it's terrible. Instead of fixing it, Apple has integrated Maps into the Find My iPhone feature, allowing it to give turn-by-turn navigation to the last known location of the lost device. That's great in theory, but again, Apple Maps is a nightmare. This has the potential to create more problems than it solves.

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Nokia Does the Impossible, Makes an iOS Maps App Worse than Apple Maps

We thought Apple Maps was the bottom of the barrel in terms of iOS navigation, but Nokia just proved how low the bar can go with the release of Here Maps for Apple iOS. The new software manages to be more buggy and less reliable than Apple's own Maps app, which is really saying something. For anyone hoping a better solution to the whole maps debacle would come along, Nokia's Here Maps is not that knight in shining armor.

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Google Maps Could Return to iOS, Apple Users Can Stop Asking For Directions Like Savages

One of two things was bound to happen: Apple was going to fix its terrible Maps app, or Google was going to do it for them. It looks like it's going to be the latter. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is getting ready to submit a new Google Maps app to the iTunes Store. iPhone users the world over rejoice.

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Batman Would be Way Less Helpful with Apple Maps [Video]

We're all familiar with Apple Maps, the app that's single-handedly tarnished Apple's sterling reputation. While it may be inconvenient for the average iPhone user, there are some people, who use their phone's GPS for their jobs, who may be really getting screwed over by the inferior service. At the top of the list? No, it's not the ambulance driver or fireman who can't find the quickest route to get to and from emergency sites. It's Batman. Without accurate maps on his phone, Batman simply cannot navigate the streets of Gotham: They're just too damn confusing.

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Google Doesn’t Rest on Laurels, Refreshes 250,000 Miles of Roads in Street View

One might think that Google could take it easy, what with all the free marketing folks are doing by comparing Apple's new maps to their own, and rest on their cartography-related laurels for a bit. That's not their plan, apparently, as Google Street View has just released what they're calling their biggest update yet. The strategy instead appears to be to take advantage of this press surge and release everything they can. Considering that they just refreshed 250,000 miles of roads, we'll take it.

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Good Job: Apple Maps Includes Surprisingly Accurate Images of Top Secret Radar Base

The conversations had about Apple's Maps app offered in iOS 6 tend to center around just how terrible it is. This is especially true in countries outside the United States, but really nowhere is safe from Apple's horrifying cartography. Taiwan, however, is having the exact opposite problem. See, Apple Maps is a little too accurate when it comes to a top secret military radar base located in Hsinchu. Technically, this still falls under the "terrible" category.

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Apple’s Maps Aren’t Functional Because They’re Actually a Depressing Art Project [Video]

The internet loves to complain about Apple fans. There are plenty of reasons why people find Apple fanboys (and girls) annoying, but the central problem generally revolves around their tendency to explain away every problem with Apple's products with some sort of non-technical excuse, shrugging off the company's missteps as strokes of artistic genius. With that in mind, even true members of the cult of Mac have been at a loss recently looking for a reason why Apple's new Maps app, which even Apple admitted isn't the best service available, is actually amazing.

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Apple Officially Apologizes Over Maps Debacle, Even Suggests Using Google

There's been a bit of an uproar over the iOS 6 update to Apple Maps. It's not even that they're completely unusable; it's the fact that some of it seems perfectly normal, and suddenly it's horrifyingly inaccurate. Sufficed to say, you wouldn't want to rely on them to get around. Even worse, Google apparently doesn't have any plans to bring an app of their own to the market. It's not good, but how bad is it exactly? Bad enough that Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, has officially apologized for it.

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