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Apple’s Maps Aren’t Functional Because They’re Actually a Depressing Art Project [Video]

The internet loves to complain about Apple fans. There are plenty of reasons why people find Apple fanboys (and girls) annoying, but the central problem generally revolves around their tendency to explain away every problem with Apple’s products with some sort of non-technical excuse, shrugging off the company’s missteps as strokes of artistic genius. With that in mind, even true members of the cult of Mac have been at a loss recently looking for a reason why Apple’s new Maps app, which even Apple admitted isn’t the best service available, is actually amazing.

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Well search no more, true believers! According to this video, Apple Maps is a stroke of genius. Not because it’s a technical marvel, but because Flyover, the app’s notoriously broken visualization feature, is secretly an art installation designed to inject some brutal reality into the utopian world of the iPhone experience.

iPhone users may not be able to find their way around, but by using Flyover, they’re becoming more cultured observers of the human condition. Take that, Google Maps.

(via Puppet Shed)

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